Kejriwal’s Modus Operandi

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As I have said many times earlier, Arvind Kejriwal has no solution to the real problems facing the people—massive poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, price rise, lack of healthcare, etc. And yet he must be seen to be doing something to grab the headlines and restore his popularity ( which was rapidly sinking after the initial euphoria).

So the method he has adopted is this : he starts a scheme, which is really a stunt, and people of Delhi ( who are mostly a bunch of gullible, emotional fools ), will initially clap loudly and follow him, like the children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Examples are car free day, going on bicycle, lokpal ( which some call Jokepal ), etc. Later, when the shine and glimmer start wearing off, and people see through the realities and start facing the difficulties caused by the scheme, and opposition to it begins, he abandons it and starts a new scheme ( i.e. a new stunt ) and the same rigmarole and drama begins again.

To give the latest example, the Delhiites, who had initially supported the harebrained odd even scheme, thinking it to be the panacea for their problem of air pollution, are now realizing the immense hardships it is causing, with no significant drop in the air pollution. So opposition to the scheme was growing day by day.

Realizing this, our Sapnon ka Saudagar has abandoned the scheme and started a new headline grabbing stunt. He has announced the end of the management quota in admissions to private nursery schools. The people of Delhi will again clap, praise their hero and shout ‘ Sieg Heil ‘ for their Superman, just as Germans did in the 1930s. All this will of course be widely projected by our TRP driven media. But after some time the truth will dawn on them.  Private institutions run for profits, not for charity. So the private nurseries may follow the new rules for a short while, but obviously not for long.

Also, if a Minister, Judge, bureaucrat, police officer, income tax official, municipal official, etc asks for an admission, can the school manager decline ? If he does,he is likely to face a lot of harassment. So in no time the management will find out a way of subverting the scheme, and it will remain on paper only. Then Mr. Kejriwal will forget it and begin some other gimmick or caper. He will keep hopping from stunt to stunt, thinking that in this way the people can be deceived for ever.

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