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रवि प्रकाश का आरोप- टीवी9 के नए मालिकों ने 294 करोड़ रुपये की मनी लांड्रिंग की!

टीवी9 समूह विवादों में लगातार बना हुआ है. टीवी9 के पूर्व सीईओ और एडिटर इन चीफ रवि प्रकाश ने आरोप लगाया है कि टीवी9 समूह के नए मालिकों ने 294 करोड़ रुपये की मनी लांडिंग की है. रवि प्रकाश का कहना है कि पुराने मालिक सी. श्रीनिवास राजू ने अपनी कंपनी एबीसी यानि एसोसिएटेड ब्राडकास्टिंग कंपनी लिमिटेड का नब्बे फीसदी मालिकाना हक माई होम ग्रुप के प्रमोटरों जे. रामेश्वर राव व जे. जगपथी राव के नाम कर दी. यह सौदा पांच सौ करोड़ रुपये में हुआ. नए मालिकों ने 206 करोड़ रुपये तो चेक से दिया लेकिन बाकी रकम हवाला नेटवर्क के जरिए कैश में दिया गया. रवि प्रकाश का कहना है कि उन्होंने जब इस बड़ी गड़बड़ी की शिकायत सीबीआई और ईडी से की तो उनको परेशान किया जाने लगा.

उपरोक्त बातें रवि प्रकाश की तरफ से उनके वकील दिलजीत सिंह अहलूवालिया ने तेलंगाना हाईकोर्ट में कहीं जहां जस्टिस जी. श्रीदेवी की कोर्ट में एंटीसिपेटरी बेल पर सुनवाई चल रही थी. इस प्रकरण की डिटेल न्यूज द न्यूज मिनट डाट काम पर प्रकाशित हुई है जिसे साभार लेकर यहां भी प्रकाशित किया जा रहा है-

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TV9 promoters laundered Rs 294 crores, alleges former CEO Ravi Prakash

The state police have however dismissed these allegations

TNM Staff
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 – 11:49

Sensational claims were made on Monday by the senior counsel, Diljit Singh Ahluwalia on behalf of his client the ex CEO and Editor-in-chief of TV9 channel, Ravi Prakash at the Telangana High Court. His counsel alleged that it was only after his client made complaints about the promoters of the channel to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) for allegedly siphoning off of Rs 294 crore through hawala networks that Prakash started being harassed.

The allegation was made before Justice G Sridevi who was hearing the former CEO’s anticipatory bail plea. Diljot alleged that the TV channel’s original promoter Chintalapati Srinivasa Raju sold 90% of his holdings in Associated Broadcasting Company Limited that runs TV9 to My Home group promoters J Rameswara Rao and J Jagpathi Rao and his associates for a Rs 500 crore deal. Of this Rs 206 crore was paid through cheque but the remaining cash amount was paid through offshore hawala networks, he alleged.

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Diljit also alleged that an initial investment of Rs 50 crore made in August 2008 by Saif Mauritius Investment Company into I Vision company owned by Srinivasa came into TV9 as an interest-free loan. The counsel told the court that this was a violation of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

A copy of an email sent by Prakash to the heads of CBI and ED seeking a probe against Srinivasa and the current promoters for the alleged fraud was also produced in court.

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The counsel told the court that Prakash’s troubles began after he sent out this email seeking a probe. Allegations have also been made that only after a secret deal to reroute funds through hawala networks did the Saif investment Mauritius withdraw cases against the transfer of shares to the new government reported Times of India.

Countering these allegations, the senior counsel Harvin Raval representing the state police told the court that Prakash never cooperated with the investigations and sought unlawful methods to prevent the entry of the four new directors into the company. The counsel further alleged that Prakash took the help of actor Sivaji to sabotage the sale of TV9 and also forged signatures of the company secretary.

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