अंदेशा : अक्षय के हाथ लगे थे व्यापम के कुछ अहम सुराग !

क्या अक्षय के हाथ व्यापम घोटाले के कुछ बेहद अहम दस्तावेज़ लगे थे ? क्या अक्षय का मध्य प्रदेश में पीछा किया जा रहा था ? एम्स अस्पताल के पूर्व सतर्कता प्रमुख संजीव चतुर्वेदी के मुताबिक अक्षय से बात करने वाले वो आखिरी लोगों में से एक थे. संजीव का कहना है की उनकी शनिवार की सुबह 9.30 के आस पास फ़ोन पर अक्षय से एक खबर को लेकर बातचीत हुई. 

अक्षय ने कहा वो जल्दी दिल्ली लौटकर उनसे बात करेगा. अक्षय ने बातचीत बेहद हंसमुख अंदाज़ में की. लेकिन अगले कुछ ही घंटो में अक्षय की रहस्यमय परिस्थिति में मौत हो गयी. चतुर्वेदी का मानना है की अक्षय किसी साज़िश के शिकार हुए हैं. अक्षय के हाथ व्यापम के कुछ सुराग लगे थे और शायद कुछ लोगों को इसकी भनक हो चुकी थी.

समाचार अंग्रेजी में पढ़ें- 

by Deepak Sharma : Aajtak Channel’s daring reporter Akshay Singh who died under mysterious circumstances while investigating the Vyapam case had laid his hands on very sensitive documents. After meeting several key persons including certain important witnesses in Vyapam case, Akshay decided to head towards Jhabua from Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

The last person to talk with Akshay Singh on the fateful day was AIIMS whistleblower Sanjeev Chaturvedi. Talking to India Samvad, Chaturvedi hinted that he was having crucial leads, but he did not discuss the matter further. “ I called him on Saturday morning on his mobile phone.

We discussed a story related to another scandal. He sounded very positive. Later he told me that after finishing present assignment he would be reaching Delhi and would discuss the story further,” said Sanjeev Chaturvedi a former Vigilance Chief of AIIMS. According to Chaturvedi after speaking with him I could not assure myself that how such a young person can have a cardiac failure within the next two hours.” It seems to me a foul play,” he added.

Sources said that as usual Akshay, an investigative journalist did not share the leads with his camera person Krishna Kumar who was accompanying him to MP. In fact, he got a tip off about the suspicious death of Namrata Damor through a source in Gwalior. On reaching Gwalior, Akshay has even called this correspondent and told that he would be pursuing the story for a couple of days.

“ There could be a possibility that someone may be trailing Akshay from Gwalior to his next destination in Madhya Pradesh. In fact places like Jhabua and Indore are infamous for poisoning cases,” said a senior journalist hailing from the same area in MP.

Meanwhile, sources in the forensic department of AIIMS revealed that it would be better if Akshay’s viscera is sent to FBI Lab services in the USA for a comprehensive test for types of poisons. A report of Forensic Department of AIIMS published in Indian Police Journal (January-March 2015 volume) has categoriacally stated that only convestional types of poisons are detected by the experts in India.

After conducting analyses of 50 samples of viscera, the panel of doctors of AIIMs opined that ‘lab test often fail to find poison in Viscera. The other new type of poisons and chemicals which could be major killer cannot be detected in viscera.’ The President of Press Club and Of India has also endorsed the view of sending Akshay’s viscera to FBI lab to end speculation on the cause of his mysterious death.

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