प्रेस क्लब चुनाव : बैलट पेपर में सबसे आखिरी पायदान पर है यशवंत का नाम

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प्रेस क्लब आफ इंडिया के चुनाव कल यानि पच्चीस नवंबर को होने वाले हैं. भड़ास के संपादक यशवंत भी मैनेजिंग कमेटी पद के लिए अनिकेंद्र सेन उर्फ बादशाह, शाहिद फरीदी और जतिन गांधी पैनल से चुनाव लड़ रहे हैं. यशवंत का बैलट नंबर 33 है. नाम अल्फाबेटिकली लिखा जाता है बैलट पेपर पर इसलिए यशवंत का नाम सबसे आखिर में है. मतदाताओं से अपील है कि वे बैलट पेपर के सबसे आखिरी नाम से मुहर मारना शुरू करें ताकि इस चुनाव में यशवंत और उनके पैनल को विजयी बनाकर प्रेस क्लब आफ इंडिया में बदलाव की मुहिम को अंजाम तक पहुंचाया जा सके.

Yashwant Singh (Ballot No. 33)

(For Managing Committee member)

Yashwant completed two decade in media. He has held positions like chief sub-editor and Chief Reporter in Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran. He was Editor of tabloid newspaper ‘inext’ published by Jagran group at the time of launching. Yashwant is founder editor of bhadas4media.com, a portal dedicated news related to media. As media activist he struggle for benifit of media professional and also taken lead in court cases related wage board.

मैनेजिंग कमेटी के लिए अनिकेंद्र सेन-शाहिद फरीदी-जतिन गांधी पैनल के अन्य सदस्यों का विवरण इस प्रकार है :

Anita Choudhary (Ballot No. 5)
(For Managing Committee member)
At present Anita is working with National Voice news Channel as Political Editor. She has completed more than one decade in Journalism. Before her present assignment she has worked with News24, News Nation
Past: News24, News Nation, Sahara. She is a member in present Managing Committee of the club. She has raised many important issue in the managing committee for the betterment of the club. Anita always stood for non- politicization of the Press Club against the will of present Managing Committee.

Anjali Bhatia (Ballot No. 6)
(For Managing Committee member)
Anjali has completed more than a decade in Journalism. At present she is working with
“The political and business daily” as Bureau chief. Before her present assignment Anjali worked with Hindustan hindi, Punjab Kesari, Rajasthan Patrika,mahamedha, Express magazine, TV 100, total tv.

Atul Krishan (Ballot No.7)
(For Managing Committee member)
Atul has completed a decade in journalism. He has worked for The Statesman, Mid-Day.At Present he is  working with The Asian Age/Deccan Chronicle group of newspapers.

(For Managing Committee member)
29 year successful journey of Journalism Print and Visual Media
With Dainik jagran, Veer Arjun, Navbharat Times, Jansatta, Dainik Hindustan, punjab kesari, Ankho Dekhi, India News, India tv and Currently Working As Special Correspondent in Dainik Deshbandhu.

Pramod Kumar-I (Ballot No.17)
(For Managing Committee member)
Editor “Sunday Indian” for more than a decade. More than Thirty years in Active Journalism had worked  with Aaj,Rashtriya Sahara Amar Ujala Daink Jagran. Got elected several times in PCI elections in past.

Rahil Chopra (Ballot No19)
(For Managing Committee member)
Rahil is a media professional with 18 years of experience. He has worked  with Jain TV,  Sahara TV, Aajtak, NDTV, P7 News and is currently working with Rajya Sabha TV and writing political columns for Indian Press Agency  (IPA).

Sanjay Dwivedi( Ballot No.21)
(For Managing Committee member)
Sanjay Dwivedi has completed 35 years in media. His initially worked in print media for 9 years and remaining years in news television industry. At present he is associated with around dozen tv channels in various capacity. Presently working as Director- media for an upcoming niche tv news channel for rural India.

Sushil Vakil (Ballot No 26)
(For Managing Committee member)
Sushil is Editor of Samachar Post. He has vast experience of 25 year experience in journalism. He has been writing exclusive articles on Kashmir terrorism and role of Pakistan in fomenting terror activities in India.

Ujjwal Kumar (Ballot No.27)
(For Managing Committee member)
Having experience of more than 15 years in journalism, Ujjwal has worked will almost all form of news media Newspaper, News channel and wire agency. At present He is Senior Finance Correspondent with NewsRise which feed to Reuters and Japanese news agency Nikkei. Before that Ujjwal worked with Zee Business, TotalTv, Dainik Jagran newspaper. He has been elected twice for Managing committee in past. Being a committee member was never ornamental to him. He always raised important issue in interest of Journalist and club in managing committee in his past tenures.

Vikash Mishra (ballot No. 31)
(For Managing Committee member)
Vikash has completed 22 years in Journalism. He has vast experience in print and electronic media. He worked work reputed Hindi daily Amar Ujala and Dainik Jagran. After quitting print he worked with News24, Channel 7 and Mahua News. From last 6 years Vikash is working with Aajtak. He is an alumni of IIMC.

इसे भी पढ़ सकते हैं…



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