एडवाइस अड्डा डॉट कॉम के 2 साल पूरे, संस्थापक विवेक सत्य मित्रम ने यशवंत को यूं किया याद

Vivek Satya Mitram, Founder and CEO, AdviceAdda.com

The man who inspired me in becoming Entrepreneur from a Journalist! Even this person does not know that he has been an inspiration through out my entrepreneurial journey from starting up. He is Yashwant Singh (I call him Bhaiya), a firebrand journalist who left journalism long back after building an online news platform dedicated to Media Industry/ Happenings called Bhadas4media.com

I know him since the days he used to run a blog with same name which he converted into a website that revolutionised the journalism industry in true sense with democratising the information flow about Industry/ hirings/ policies & much more. He has been victim of many false cases against him from scores of big media houses for writing truth in favour of journalists but he become more fearless, strong & committed to his mission. Recently his site completed 7 years in which it has evolved as most authentic site to read about media in Hindi. He has thousands of loyal visitors on his site that has helped him monetise the platform. Now, he is earning so well that he is able to live his life in his own way without making any compromises.

Yashwant Singh, Founder and Editor, Bhadas4Media.com

I have been spectator of his entrepreneurial journey at Bhadas and I know all the pain, struggles and tough situations he came across but he never turned back and now he is a successful entrepreneur who is inspiration for hundreds of journalists who are trying to do something different. There are ideological differences with him but I consider him a great warrior and a fantastic human being who never surrendered to situations in life and created a history.

When I was thinking of going on the entrepreneurial journey while being in a most successful stage of Career, he was among closed people who helped me in taking such a wonderful decision.Thanks Yashwant Singh Bhaiya for being an Inspiration in my journey at AdviceAdda.com

विवेक सत्य मित्रम कई बड़े न्यूज चैनलों में वरिष्ठ पदों पर रहे और बाद में मीडिया की धंधई से त्रस्त होकर खुद का कामकाज शुरू किया और इसी प्रक्रिया में एडवाइस अड्डा डॉट कॉम की शुरुआत की जो आज बेहद सफल वेंचर है.

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