निधि कौशिक ने इंडिया न्यूज की एचआर हेड शिखा को क्या लिखा पत्र में, आप भी पढ़ें

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Dear Shikha ji,

Greetings of Vijayadashmi

I would like to draw your attention to our meeting last evening
that has left me completely shocked. I am still unable to understand
the reason behind the harsh action against me. I am shocked that this
action was taken without even taking my version of the facts.

I would like to put on record a few things not so much as an
explaination but simply to put my stand on record to questions that
were raised or rather hinted at

1) It was alleged I deliberately confused two new incumbent in the
network—- I was only asked by the Editor in chief to contact Rohit
Sardana …. otherwise I donot know the gentleman…..in fact when I
called him mr sardana had said he wanted to talk to the Boss directly.
Also I donot know RItul Joshi personally and have not had any such
interaction that can be considered inapproriate for the organisation

I would be grateful if there is any evidence to substantiate your
allegation that has put a question mark on my integrity.

2) I am shocked by your statement last evening where you questioned
my work especially since just a year ago while giving me the raise
papers you have hugged me in front of Ranaji and Deepakji and had
said that that I was a valuable asset, was that just posturing !!

3) You raised a point that i dont complete my work hours–I think
there is some confusion regarding this as this is the first time i
have heard such an allegation for me, I was always considered someone
who is always available whenever there is work. I even carry the work
home infact — It was your team member Nandan who just few days back
acknowledged  my late working hours (Evidence can be sought from

I am forced to believe these allegations are being brought
up (manufactured) against me as I have in the last few months bought to
light  issues of women (Reporter/Lady Anchor’s) being harassed in the
network . Shikhaji being a lady you should respect the honor & dignity
of a women ….and not make false allegations against me.

I am pained that my integrity is being doubted with no evidence nor
any paper to support.

and still if you need more clarifications please feel free to call
me I am a professional and would be grateful if things are handled
professionally without any bias.


Nidhi Kaushik

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  • PRAMOD SINGH says:

    जब कुत्ते के मूहँ हड्डी आ जाए तो वो अपने आप को शेर समझता है :p


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