भंगू, भट्टाचार्या समेत पीएसीएल के नौ प्रमोटरों-डायरेक्टरों के खिलाफ फ्राड-चीटिंग का मुकदमा चलेगा

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पहले सीबीआई की रेड, फिर इनकम टैक्स की मार और अब सेबी का प्रहार. एक के बाद एक झटकों से चिटफंड कंपनी पीएसीएल का धंधा चरमराने की कगार पर आ गया है. निवेशकों में आशंका व्याप्त हो गई है. सेबी के ताजे आदेश के बाद पीएसीएल के नौ प्रमोटरों-डायरेक्टरों के जेल जाने की नौबत आ गई है. सेबी ने पीएसीएल के निर्मल सिंह भंगू, सुब्रत भट्टाचार्या, तरलोचन सिंह, गुरमीत सिंह, सुखदेव सिंह, गुरनाम सिंह, आनंद गुरवंत सिंह, उप्पल देविंदर कुमार और टाइगर जोगिंदर के खिलाफ फ्राड, चीटिंग आदि का मुकदमा चलाने का आदेश दिया है. सेबी के 92 पेजी आदेश पर आधारित एक संक्षिप्त खबर इस प्रकार है…

Capital market regulator Sebi has ordered PACL to return Rs 50,000cr to investors. The company has allegedly collected this money by running illegal Ponzi schemes. Sebi has ordered PACL Ltd to refund the money within three months. Sebi has also announced to initiate further proceedings against the company and its nine promoters and directors for fraudulent and unfair trade practices, as also for violation of Sebi’s CIS Regulations, among others, as per a direction from the Supreme Court.

As per Sebi’s 92-page order, the total amount mobilised by the company, “by its own admission” comes to a whopping Rs 49,100 crore and “this figure could have been even more if PACL would have provided the details of the funds mobilized during the period of April 1, 2012 to February 25, 2013”.

It is estimated that the company has collected the total money from around 5.85 crore, which includes the customers who said to have been allotted land and who are yet to be allotted the land. According to the regulator, this is the biggest ever amount and the largest number of investors found involved in a case of unauthorised ‘collective investment scheme’ by them.

It is to be noted that PACL and its top executives, including Nirmal Singh Bhangoo, are being probed by CBI. PACL claimed it was in the business of purchasing and developing land, adding the developed land was transferred to investors, who could sell it for gains. “It is difficult to believe a person in Uttar Pradesh will purchase 100-150 yards of agricultural land 2,000 km away. The lack of maintenance of proper records/data is a clear indication the activities of PACL are in the nature of a Ponzi scheme,” Sebi said.

“PACL Ltd and its promoters and directors, including Tarlochan Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Gurmeet Singh and Subrata Bhattacharya, shall wind up all the existing collective investment schemes of the company and refund the monies collected under its schemes with returns due to its investors, according to the terms of offer, within a period of three months,” it added.

सेबी के 92 पेज के संपूर्ण आदेश की कापी को डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें: Sebi PACL ORDER

मूल खबर…

सुब्रत राय की राह पर निर्मल सिंह भंगू… SEBI ने दिया आदेश- निवेशकों को 50 हजार करोड़ रुपये PACL लौटाए

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