Delhi Journalists & Press Workers Protest Against Invisible Press Censorship

Journalists, press workers, and union leaders connected with the profession called for an end to invisible press censorship of trade union movements in general and even of struggles pertaining to court cases of journalists and press workers. The meeting called by the Delhi Union of Journalists and the Delhi Press Unity Centre 2014 expressed grave concern at the fact the curious happenings in the newspaper industry like mass scale victimization, non-implementation of statutory awards and even locking of union offices was becoming a pattern against a targeted witch hunt of union activists with the government central and labour departments remaining prisoners of indecision or acting in a stupor.

The meeting reviewed the tardy implementation of the latest wage board award and clear cut cases of non-implementation and attempts to introduce schemes of not so voluntary retirement and massive lightening retrenchment taking advantage of reports of total dilution of labour laws which were passed by the Rajasthan government and were finding their echoes in the parliament. It was also noted that cases were dragging for several years while press employees were even dying due to starvation despite favourable judgments. Case studies were tabled before the meeting from the Hindustan Times group and a note was taken of the fact that in view of camouflaged closures, increasing voucher payments and reports of mass sackings the broadest united front was the need of the hour.

It was regretted that the call for an independent media commission to look into the sordid state of affairs in the newspaper industry including the jungle law in many TV and broadcast units was given the go bye. Members felt that even the present Press Council constitution called for a thorough probe. The meeting was chaired by the DUJ President Sujata Madhok and the speakers included General Secretary S.K. Pande, representatives of the Press Unity Centre 2014, Hindustan Times victimized employees and office bearers of some national unions of journalists and press workers. A memorandum is being sent to the Central Government and the Lt. Governor of Delhi.

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