राजदीप, मृणाल आदि के ख़िलाफ़ तीसरी एफआईआर हो गई

सौमित्र रॉय-

राजदीप सरदेसाई के खिलाफ तीसरी FIR हुई है।

हैरत की बात है कि इंडिया टुडे के उनके पूर्व सहयोगियों ने अभी तक राजदीप के समर्थन में मुंह नहीं खोला है।

सिर्फ़ देश की नहीं, समाज भी बंट चुका है।

दो ही रास्ते बचे हैं- या तो सरकार की गोदी में बैठ जाइए। या फिर सड़क पर उतरकर विरोध कीजिए।

मैं दूसरे रास्ते पर चलूंगा। चाहे जो हो।

A complaint was received at PS IP Estate on 28.1.21 from Sh Chiranjiv Kumar against
1) Sh Rajdeep Sardesai
2) Sh Shashi Tharoor, MP
3) Smt Mrinal Pande, Senior Editorial Advisor National Herald
4) Mr Paresh Nath, Editor in chief of the Caravan
5) Mr Anant Nath, Managing Editor of Caravan
6) Mr Vinod K Jose, Executive Editor of Caravan and other unknown accused for the tweets made from their respective twitter handles wherein they posted fake, misleading and wrong information regarding unfortunate death of the tractor driver in accident to instigate violence amongst protestors.

They all tried to imply that the death of the farmer was caused by the violence committed by the Delhi Police under directions of the Central Government during the tractor parade by protesting farmers on Republic Day.

The tweet of the above persons was retweeted by several others which can cause mutiny amongst the ranks of ignorant people, causing panic and violent rebellion, thereby inducing citizens to commit offences against the state or against the public tranquility.

Such insensitive statements made by the above accused is prejudicial to the national integration in this sensitive situation. Such messages are forwarded several times causing false narrative and making citizenry ill informed.

On the basis of above complaint a case u/s 153,504,505(1)(b),120 B IPC has been registered in PS IP Estate.


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