Clean up, removal of fake journalist from press club Jammu demanded

Jammu : After much hyped elections of Jammu Press club wherein Ashwani Kumar group made a clean sweep on the bases of the promises made by them including the promise of clean up of press club so as to restored its prestige and glory, senior journalist and Bureau Chief Sahara Samay Jammu and Kashmir Nirmal Singh Pachnanda alias Jyoti who secured 174 votes (For executive member post) in recently Press club election today demanded immediate clean up of Press club by immediate removal of fake journalists registered in Press club.

As per the details, Pachnanda write a detail letter to the management of the press club Jammu and draw the attention of the management towards unfortunate situation where under a hallowed institution like Press Club of Jammu which was founded with the high aims to protect and preserve the legal and constitutional rights of journalist members and with a view to provide Journalist members means of professional, educational, social, cultural and recreational activities and  to establish and/or support institutions and activities designed for training of working journalists and advancement of their professional skill and equipment and to promote and/or finance on its own or in co-operation with other institutions project for the education and training of journalists, in nutshell an institution for the journalists, of the journalists and by the journalists, has been reduced to a private club of illegal Press Club of Jammu members.

“These illegal Press Club of Jammu members are businessmen, managing directors, government employees, bank employees, commercial photographers, wine shop owners, property dealers, Proprietors and owners, and others. In nutshell there is induction of people who have no connection with journalism, who have virtually taken over this hallowed institution destroying its very purpose” stated Pachnanda in his letter, added that “I would like to bring to your kind notice the issue of fake journalist members in the club, which is not only contrary to the spirit and founding principles of Press Club of Jammu, but these fake journalist members have been made members contrary to the Memorandum and Articles of Association and Bye Laws of Press Club of Jammu”.

He stated that if going from above mentioned facts, it is clear that firstly only a full time journalist can be the ordinary members of the club; but you can clearly see many persons in the category of ordinary members in Press Club of Jammu have nothing to do with journalism, but still they have been surreptitiously made members. He stated that there can only be 500 members of the Club and if need is felt to increase it, then it should be only after the discussion and approval in the annual General body meeting, added that there has been no annual General body meeting in the last 6 years.

He stated that strangely the previous management approved membership up to 885 members without getting any approval from AGM and any membership beyond 500 is illegal.

“If there has been no annual General body meeting, not only the admission of the fresh members is illegal, but also there is an urgent need for the concerned persons to explain to the managing committee and members of the club over this. Clearly the financial transactions without AGM on this count are prima-facie illegal, shady and tainted and warrant an immediate action” said Pachnanda in his letter.

He also draw the attention of Press Club management towards the approximate  45 members who got the memberships during code of conduct i.e 21 days before the election which are per-se illegal and suspicious and tainted and warrant an immediate action.

He stated that the above actions are not only contrary to above Rules and Regulations of the Press Club of Jammu, but also amount to abuse of power, oppression and mismanagement under law and usurpation of powers by the concerned persons requiring immediate action.

“You will find many ordinary members who claim to be journalist members, who are not full time journalist, which is the criteria for ordinary membership and worst still some ordinary members are there who have nothing to do with the journalism, they are as explained above businessmen, managing directors, government employees, bank employees, commercial photographers, wines hop owners, property dealers, Proprietors and owners, and others” read the letter.

Pachnanda urged up on the club management to initiate immediate time bound steps for terminating the membership of all members, whose membership is illegal, and make the atmosphere of the club clean and restore the pristine glory of the Club.

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