A Request from the Staff of Sawan Public School

New Delhi : The employees of Sawan Public School, Delhi, would like to draw attention to the immense anxiety that has gripped all of us and request your intervention in the matter.  

Sawan Public School was established in 1974 as a fully residential school for 400 students.  It achieved great reputation as the only exclusively residential school in Delhi for boys.  Its 20-acre campus offered the best of facilities to its students.  However the entire situation changed drastically when the school was handed over to Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB).  When the school was transferred to RSSB in 2012 there were 280 students on the  roll.  

When that academic session came to an end the number reduced to 190.  In the new academic session of 2013-2014 the management accepted only 13 new admissions and refused to give admission to most of the students who applied. The session of 2014-2015 started with a meagre 82 students of whom only 3 were new admissions. And now at the beginning of 2015-2016 session the school has absolutely no students.  All the old students left the school either on their own or urged by the management.  Not one new admission has been accepted. The message sent out to parents seeking admission is that the school is going to be shut down permanently. 

Ever since the new management took over the school many students were encouraged or forced to leave the school.  A handful of new admissions were received last year just to circumvent the regulations about admissions.  Many staff members were either forced to leave their jobs or put in such situations that they had no option but leave. All new appointments of teachers are made on contract basis resulting in many leaving their jobs mid-session leaving the students in a lurch.  An important subject like mathematics never had a regular teacher in the session of 2014-2015 for the senior classes. Being a residential school, it had a resident doctor whose service was terminated as soon as the new management took over. The Counsellor’s service was discontinued.  

There are about 40 employees in the school whose future is in total darkness. Most of them have been working in the school for over 30 years. We request you to take the necessary action so that the school can be saved for both the needy students and the employed staff. 

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