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Firstpost Hits 5 MN Subscribers On YT

becomes fastest-growing Indian news platform on YouTube

New Delhi | July 5, 2024: Firstpost has reached five million subscribers on YouTube in just 16 months, marking a significant milestone for the platform. This achievement has firmly established Firstpost as the fastest-growing Indian news platform on YouTube.

Firstpost’s video pivot in January 2023 has driven exceptional growth for the platform. Its extensive coverage of the Iran-Israel conflict, the Ukraine-Russia war, US Presidential lections, and India’s growth story has established it as the country’s leading news platform for global news.

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Speaking on this milestone, Palki Sharma, Managing Editor, Firstpost said, “Firstpost’s stupendous growth is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our exceptional team and the unwavering support of our global audience. It’s heartening to see this commitment to substantive news in an otherwise cluttered and tough market. As we celebrate our milestones, I extend my deepest gratitude to every team member and every viewer who has been part of this incredible journey.”

Firstpost’s diverse shows cater to a wide audience. The flagship show ‘Vantage’ provides a comprehensive view of major news events, encouraging viewers to analyse global occurrences from various angles. ‘Fast and Factual’ delivers quick, concise news updates from around the world, ensuring that viewers stay informed without investing significant amount of time. ‘First Sports’, a groundbreaking sports show provides comprehensive coverage of sporting events, going beyond the scores, highlighting the stories and personalities that shape the global sports landscape. ‘Between the Lines’ explores deeper aspects of news stories, revealing nuanced aspects often overlooked in mainstream reporting. ‘Flashback’ simplifies complex historical events, presenting them in an accessible and engaging manner.

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‘Firstpost America’ covers global issues with a Washington perspective, offering in-depth analysis and ground reports. The recent addition, ‘Firstpost Africa’, showcases on-ground reports from the world’s second-largest continent, live from South Africa.

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