IFWJ expresses shock over NDTV’s move of retrenching employees

New Delhi : Indian Federation of Working Journalists (IFWJ) has expressed deep shock over the reported move of the ‘New Delhi Television’ (NDTV) to prune nearly 25 per cent of its employees. The company has given a lame reason of restructuring for such a large scale layoff and retrenchment.

In a statement the IFWJ Secretary General Parmanand Pandey has said that this move by the owners of the company is highly disturbing and speaks of the exploitative mentality of the so-called socialist Mr. Pranoy Roy. His true colours have been exposed as he had made billions by using his proximity with the powers particularly during the UPA regime. It is all the more intriguing that a person who claims to be the champion of socialism is adopting the step of cruel capitalist.

It is an open secret that during the last nearly 25 years the NDTV has made huge amount of money with the help of the pliable Government. The crony capitalism could be seen to be in the ugliest form which was used to the hilt by Pranoy Roy. The corruption and misdeeds of the NDTV stink to the high heaven. It is also very clear that the owners of the NDTV in order to conceal their misdeeds and to avoid the noose the investigating agencies are trying to get away from the NDTV.

IFWJ has asked the NDTV to desist from illegal retrenchment of the employees as it will not tolerate this injustice, exploitation of the employees. The IFWJ has also asked the Central Government as well as the Government of NCT of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to necessary steps to protect the jobs of the employees. The NDTV Company has been posting huge profits year after year and hence removal of the employees is arbitrary, illegal and fully unjustified.

Rinku Yadav

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