एनडीटीवी में भयंकर छंटनी पर प्रेस क्लब आफ इंडिया ने लिखा प्रणय रॉय को पत्र

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Dr. Prannoy Roy,
Founder-Chairperson, NDTV

Dear Dr. Roy,

Warm Greetings from the Press Club of India.

As this year comes to an end, there are disturbing reports emanating from the NDTV which refer to massive reduction and lay-offs of employees connected with the news operations of your organisation.

As you are aware, the Press Club of India has been in the lead role of organising protest meets whenever NDTV was targeted by the government or curbs were sought to be put on it. The PCI has led the struggle for upholding the freedom of the press and expression. There is considerable concern among journalistic community over the current reported move of your organisation which might have been taken considering economic viability of running the news channel.

We would like to invite you over to the Press Club of India to address a meet and make the stance of NDTV clear so that the journalistic community can understand the logic and reason behind any such move of large scale retrenchment. As you have been forthcoming in your approach, we are sure you would accept our invitation to address a meet at PCI which we plan to hold over the next few days.

Looking forward to your response.

With Warm Regards

(Gautam Lahiri)

(Vinay Kumar)
Secretary General

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