ग़ुलाम मीडिया ने भाजपाई तेजस्वी सूर्या को बचाने के लिए लीपापोती शुरू कर दी!

Peri Maheshwar-

The circus to save the lout begin. He was ‘lightly resting his hand’ and the emergency door opened. Eery flight we take, we run the risk of an emergency door opening because another ‘tejasvi’ may have by mistake rested his arm on it..

Seema Mustafa-

A passenger aboard an Indigo flight (Chennai) pulled the lever and opened the Emergency exit door even as the crew were instructing passengers on safety regulations .

Indigo has nothing to say about this extremely serious violation that would normally have lead to the arrest and grounding of a normal passenger. Obviously the passenger has clout . Who is he ?

Murmurs identify the man as BJP heavyweight Tejaswi Surya but the silence all around is deafening. Amazing ! More so as it’s a month since the incident that delayed the flight for hours.

साक्षी जोशी-

ये ऐसे VIP कल्चर ख़त्म करने आए हैं
सांसद से सॉरी बुलवा दिया, देखो कितनी बड़ी बात है #TejasviSurya #EmergencyExit

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