4 रीयल न्यूज में नहीं कटता पीएफ, चैनल के लीगल रिपोर्टर ने पीएफ कमिश्नर से की कंप्लेन (पढ़ें शिकायती पत्र)


The PF Commissioner,

Bheekaji kama Place,

New Delhi

Respected Sir,

I want to inform you that I am working as a Legal Correspondent in 4 Real News Channel (Omega Broadcast Pvt Ltd), FC-16 , Sector 16-A,  Film City Noida, Uttar Pradesh.  I joined here 1st June 2012. but Our Channel giving no PF from the last two years…& they are not giving my complete salary (27,000Rs. per months). He is giving only 17,000/- Rs..p/m. ..Besides it’s they haven’t opened my salary account yet to be now. They are giving salary in cash, not in cheque.

They haven’t given any offer letter or appointment letter to me. And this incident not only happen with me , other employees of my channels also effected. About 200 employees working in 4 Real News Channel , but aprox all employees getting no PF , No any other allowances  & no TA, DA. Office are not given to him  any offer letter/appointment letter. The are not giving salary slip to any employee..channel mostly distributes salary in Cash.

They haven’t opened salary or PF account. When any employee seeks his PF or offer letter/ appointment letter from the channel then all employees threatened by Channel & it’s management that who want to ask these types question in the near future then his service will be terminates automatically. So all employees scared to threat of sacked… so they never complained…but all employees want to his PF.

In this hard situation I decided to fight for my Rights. So I complained to you against the channel & it’s management.  Now you can understand a huge PF Scam Scandal running in 4 Real news channel.

When I ask my PF & complete salary then he ask me written proof.. I told him that you haven’t given any offer letter/appointment letter & also you haven’t cleared what is my PF account then how can i submits it’s to you. .but management has oraly terminated my services and baned my entry into the channel from 20th May 2014.
I have many written proof which is sufficient to prove that I have joined here from 1st June 2012 to till now. 1st proof is a letter which is circulated by office to the Registrar of Supreme court for making my Entry Pass to cover Supreme Court’s proceeding…In this letter office is mentioned that I working for them as a Legal correspondent from 1st June 2012. Then I get SC Pass which is I have. And Second proof is my High Court Pass to cover Court’s proceeding on the behalf of 4 Real News Channel.. which is also I have. 3rd proof is my I-card which I get from office. 4th proof is my daily work report & day plan which I mailed aprox continue to my Channel assignment. 5th proof is many eye witness who knows me that I am a Correspondent of 4 Real News Channel.

So I want to request you that please order a Prob against the channel. About 200 hundreds employees future including to me in the dark…so please issue a notice to the channel & take legal action against them.

Thank you.

With Regards.

Dharmendra Mishra

Legal Correspondent

4 Real News


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