इस विदेशी रिटेल कंपनी ने देसी व्यापारियों को लूटा, FDI कानूनों को ठेंगे पर रखा

Respected sir / madam,

I am a small manufacturer/repacker (MSME unit) of kirana items from
Jaipur Rajasthan. I am doing the business of supply of kirana items. I
have been given the supply of kirana items to metro cash and carry
India pvt ltd. Metro cash and carry having many stores across India
operating through its head office at Bangalore. I have been given the
supply of Rs 3.05 crore materials to its Punjab / Delhi and Rajasthan

But company eats our complete payment on the basis of fake documents
and return delivery notes of supplied material.

I have been filed a complaint against company at Vidhyadhar Nagar
police station, Jaipur. In the police investigation on my complaint
police also certified the cheating crime of company. After the
investigation Report Company fired the involved personals to hide the
cheating of them.

I have sent the complaint of cheating of metro cash and carry to PMO,
India / CMO, Rajasthan / Home Ministers office of Rajasthan and Delhi
/ Commerce ministry of India / RBI and almost every print and
electronic media offices of India, but no action has been taken till
now. No action taken because of high level contact of company.

Company not only eating hard earned money of Indian small traders and
suppliers by above mentioned way they also destroying the business by
wrong business practice too. According to FDI law foreign multi brand
stores cannot sale their products direct to customers. They can sale
only to wholesalers and institutions. But they are selling the
products to consumers directly. Direct selling is not only affecting
the business of small traders its giving huge revenue loss to
government also.

This is to request you to please investigate the matter and make sure
company will release my outstanding payment of Rs. 3.05 crore with
interest and expenses as earliest possible.

This is also to request you to take serious action against metro type
multi brand companies for avoiding the law and busy in direct consumer
selling to save the local small traders and revenue loss of

Thanks & Regards,

Krishan maheshwari

Salasar Traders



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Comments on “इस विदेशी रिटेल कंपनी ने देसी व्यापारियों को लूटा, FDI कानूनों को ठेंगे पर रखा

  • नरेश says:

    ये तो साफ साफ विदेशी निवेश के नाम पर भारत के व्यापारियों से साथ सरकारी सरंक्षण में लूट का मामला बनता है। लेकिन एक आम और छोटा व्यापारी इनसे लड़े भी कैसे ???? कोई है जो इन की सुनवाई कर इनके हितों को सुरक्षित करने में इच्छा शक्ति रखता हो और विदेशी कंपनियों के ख़िलाफ़ सख्त कार्यवाई कर सके????

  • पूरा परिवार खत्म हो गया लेकिन आज तक न्याय नही मिला ।
    भाई, मा, पिता एवं खुद… सब के सब दुनिया को अलविदा कह गए… भाई ने आत्म हत्या कर ली, मा पिता सदमे से मृत्यु को प्राप्त हो गए और अंत मे खुद ने भी बाहुबलियों से हार कर मृत्यु को प्राप्त हो गए….
    अब न्याय मिले या ना मिले..


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