Sri Sri University (Art of Living) cruel face, Injustice to a student

I am a MBA (2014-16 batch) student of Sri Sri University. A University envisioned by the Spiritual Leader and the founder of The Art of Living Organization, Sri Sri Ravishankar. I have been debarded by the Director Operations Mr. Narendra Lamba from giving my examination at the end of my course and I still cannot figure out what was my mistake. To be very frank I am not a follower of Sri Sri Ravishankar and this has turned my life as hell. I have faced many problems from day one in the university. From being discriminated by his followers to be neglected in many events.

The university forced spiritualism and forced me to do their Art of Living courses which they feel are scientific but I am still figuring out is imposing spiritualism and forcing to follow a godmen is scientific? I was not allowed to sit for the placements and to debar me from placements these followers of the  self proclaimed great saint started playing cheap stunts and making new rules. Just before few months from the end of the course they made a new rule and debarded me from the placements.

When this was not enough at the end moment of my MBA the director Operations very tactfully issued a notice against me without any valid reasons and debarded me from examination at the end of my MBA. The letter states that this is a desciplinary action against me but I am still figuring out that not following a godman or not attending satsangs or not worshipping Sri Sri Ravishankar is an indesciplinary action?

I went to the authorities and begged infront of them as I am not that rich to afford my expenses after MBA or still be dependent on my parents. Even my father met the director operations where he called me ‘Terrorist’ and infront of my father he challenged me that he will turn the circumstances so that I will have to commit suicide. According to him I must die as I am not worth living because I don’t follow their Guru.

He then forcefully sent me to Bangalore Ashram for two months to do Sewa and assured after this he will allow me to Appear in the exams but even after giving my 100% he denied from his promises and abused my father too. My father being a diabetic waited to meet him till evening without eating anything. These people who call themselves as  humanitarians and promote happiness are misusing their power and spoiling a student’s career.

I have approached every bench of this country including Prime Minister , HRD, CM Orissa, Education Minister Orissa, Online Govt. Complaint forums and UGC but the university is putting baseless allegations against me and launching FIR(s) against me. They feel they can do anything as they are from a big and powerful organization. I want to ask my nation that being a common man is a sin in  this country?

Can’t we seek justice and why, why the hell I need to suffer like this? I hope he was right, everyday everytime I feel like dying, committing suicide but no, I will fight till the end for the justice! Request You to take this issue seriously and on urgent basis. I have no support and you are the only way left out. Please help me! No one from media is helping me. They all are paid by Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Hope you help me!

Thank you,


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