दिल्ली की यौन शोषित छात्रा न्याय के लिए जंतर-मंतर पर धरना देगी, पढ़ें प्रेस स्टेटमेंट

 (रेपिस्ट, धोखेबाज और चीटर मनोज कुमार की तस्वीर दिखाती पीड़ित मेडिकल छात्रा)

I am a student of ICMR DELHI. Mr Manoj Kumar, THE ACCUSSED also pursuing PhD in dept of Lab Medicine AIIMS came in my contact during academic interactions and induced me and repetitively raped on the false promise of marriage. He used to call me to his hostel room at AIIMS under the guise of guiding me for studying and forced upon me physically several times as a result of which I got pregnant. Due to his influence and clout in the academic circles I had no option then to serve his physical needs as per his dictates forcibly.

I got pregnant of his child then he said that he would marry me very soon but he secretly administered me so drug under the garb of some other treatment due to which I had excessive bleeding and several health complications developed as a result of which I was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in very bad condition and practically semi-conscious condition. He took my signatures on several papers during this process and assured the doctors attending me that he is my husband and signed all the authorization forms of the hospital as a result of which doctors performed medical termination of my pregnancy (MTP). He made me pay the entire bills of the said treatment on the ground that he does not have any money. Earlier also he took money from me on several pretexts.

After much dilly dallying when he came to meet me in my house on 17/8/2014, he out rightly refused to marry me and violently forced upon me and raped me several times during the evening. I had no option then to bear all this as he was time and again threatening me that he would get me eliminated and spoil my career if I dare to protest him.and threatened me that he has MMS clips.

I lodged a complaint with the on 27/8/2014 and FIR bearing No. 947/2014, U/S 376, 506 IPC, PS Hauz Khas, New Delhi has been registered by the Delhi Police and now a charge sheet has been filed before the court for trial. The said person was arrested by the police and sent to jail and was released on bail after several days by the court of sessions. Since then he is using every dirty trick to derail the judicial process and manipulate the entire process.

Not only that, he is also threatening me that he will me kill me and my family members if I do not withdraw the FIR against him. He is working at AIIMS and threatening me that he will defame me in the entire institution so that I cannot get any job in any prestigious medical institution. He further claims that his guide Dr Sarman Singh, HOD of the Department of Lab Medicine at Microbiology Department is with him hence no one can harm him inside AIIMS.  I apprehend that his presence in AIIMS would certainly harm my personal life as very often he is visiting my institute and threatening me in full public view and coercing me to withdraw the FIR. I have made several rounds to AIIMS and met the officials concerned , no body is disclosing the status of the action taken against the said Mr Manoj Kumar and I feel that the said authorities are trying to divert the offense and helping the said Mr Manoj Kumar in fabricating evidence against me.

I may inform you that Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi has taken stern action against one of their PhD scholars who was found indulged in similar incident and FIR No.171/2014, PS- Vasant Vihar, New Delhi was registered against him. JNU has taken a strict view of his conduct and has rusticated him from the University debarring his entry inside the University campus. AIIMS is however taking a favorable stand to the accused  despite the fact that the Fact Finding Committee constituted by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has clearly held the said Manoj Kumar guilty of sexual harassment for threatening, intimidating me.

I have made rounds to the office of the Delhi Commission for Women, Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Central Minister, Shri JP Nadha , Central Minsiter, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, Central Minsiter and all of them have given due indulgence in the matter and have issued specific directions to the authorities of the AIIMS to take action against the said Manoj Kumar but the authorities of AIIMS, for the reasons best known are protecting him and have not initiated any action against the person who has exploited my vulnerable position and committing the ghastly crime of rape.

All my requests to take action against the said person and ensure my security and safety has fallen to deaf years and some of the authorities of AIIMS are bent upon protecting the said person hence I have decided to hold a peaceful DHARNA in JANTAR MANTAR to bring to the notice of the world the misdeed of the said Mr Manoj Kumar w.e.f. 19/3/2015 .

Thanking you,



Mobile No. 7838614436


As per Indian laws, the name and other particulars including the photographs,IDENTITY,address and any other details of the victim is not to be published by media.


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