इस चोटी वाले मैनेजमेंट गुरू को मैनेज करके झूठ बोलना भी नही आता

“We have never said that we offer MBA or BBA” says Arindam Chaudhury. I wish you cared to change your website before you opened your mouth. Here is a screen grab that May help you. He goes on to say “So, there is no misleading people. We will file a review petition in the high court or appeal to the Supreme Court against the costs imposed on us.”

IIPM screen grab

I am happy you will file a review petition or go to the Supreme Court. I always wanted your case to be decided at the Supreme Court to attain a finality about your status. In fact, we should also like the students who suffered to be compensated and even they are dying to get their monies back. I am sure you would get a fitting response there too.


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