Public Relations Department, Haryana is in shambles. Although not only Chief Minister, Manohar lal Khattar has an army of media advisors, even Ministers have been provided private P.R.O,s at a handsome salary. Department is facing severe staff crunch and officers are holding additional charge.

But to speak of district level officers, even Director ,T.L.Satyaparaksh is holding additional charge as his main job is Town and Country Planning which is heavily burdened thus leaving little time for P.R.department .Jagdeep Duhan, Deputy Director at Haryana Bhawan in New- Delhi is holding additional charge of D.P.R.O,Palwal.Similiarly Mr R.S Sangwan , Deputy Director, Gurugram is looking after the work of D.P.R.O.Gurugram.Newly created Dadri district is waiting for posting of D.P.R.O .D.P.R.O.Ambala is holding charge of Panchkula district and Yaumnanagar district is headed by A.P.R.O. Some districts are headed by contractual employees.

Devinder Kumar, D.P.R.O.,Faridabad was suspended on flimsy grounds just to satisfy whims of a Minister. His suspension was not liked by the department officers.

Perhaps first time in history of Haryana, Khattar Govt. has provided private P.R.O,s to Ministers at a salary of Rs., 25,000 per month. Barring one or two such P,R O,s, rest are only proving parasites on regular D.P.R.O.S who are already stressed due to staff crunch. Most of the private P.R.O,s just inform the D.P.R.,O about the programme of the Minister or send photo telling that news may be compiled after taking details from concerned department .Only this is their job for which they are paid Rs.25,000 per month. Moreover they visit D.P.R.O, office and expect that they are treated like their boss. No advertisements were given for their recruitment. Shockingly Govt. is spending millions on adds but paying little attention towards its own department.

Pawan Kumar Bansal
Author and Journalist
Gurgaon, Haryana

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