दिल्ली जाकर 50 हजार करोड़ का मालिक बन गया कनपुरिया मसाला फरोश, चार हवाई जहाज खरीद लिए

आप ज़िन्दगी भर की कमाई के बाद एक अदद छत नहीं सर पर डाल सके और कानपुर का एक पान मसाला कंपनी का सेल्स मैनेजर दिली आकर 50, 000 करोड़ का मालिक बन गया. आप कभी BMW में पैर नही रख पाए और उसने एक नही, दो नही, चार चार हवाई जहाज खरीद लिए। थोड़े से बरस में ये कैसे मुमकिन है ? ये कौन सा बिज़नेस फार्मूला है ? सारा जहाँ इन्ही पर मेहरबान क्यों हो गया ? या फिर नेताओं का दामन पकड़कर दलाली से दुनिया रातों रात बदली जा सकती है ?

मित्रों, ये देश ऐसे नही चल सकता। चन्द्र शेखर आज़ाद, बिस्मिल और अशफाक उल्लाह के उत्तर प्रदेश में ये दलाल नए हीरो नहीं हो सकते। इनका दलाली करके मुल्क की सरकारों को खरीदना हमारे माथे पर ग़ुलामी से भी बड़ा घाव है. मोदी जी , केजरीवाल जी कुछ करिये ..आप दोनों के रहते दिल्ली में ऐसे दलाल कैसे ऐश कर रहे हैं। (वरिष्ठ टीवी पत्रकार दीपक शर्मा के एफबी वाल से)

पूरी खबर अंग्रेजी पढ़ें – 

New Delhi: Meet the man who can connect you to office of the Prime Minister. Meet the man who can bring Mulayam Singh Yadav on a conference call. Meet the man who can arrange a meeting with Rajiv Shukla in London. Meet the man who owns several luxury aircrafts as he manages to lobby for friend Mahesh Sharma to be made state civil aviation minister of India. But before reading the mind of Lutyens most richest operator,  first read the story that how he exploited the system to become a billionaire from a petty pan masala salesman.

Convicted in two infamous cases of bribery, the Pan Masala salesman of Kanpur turned a broker-cum-industrialist Ashok Chaturvedi worth over Rs 50,000 crores. Presently he rules the roost in Uttar Pradesh. Every week he flies on his jet from IGI airport in Delhi and in next 70 minutes he enters Mulayam Singh Yadav’s drawing room in Lucknow. But Mulayam is not the only one on his friends list. From Cabinet Secretaries to Governers and  from leading industrialists to  top leaders, Ashok Chaturvedi has close proximity  to topmost  decision makers of the country. No wonder Chaturvedi now owns  a fleet of jet aircrafts ranging from Gulfstream to Falcon 2000, world’s most expensive luxury aircrafts.

Top sources said that SIT on blackmoney constituted by the Modi government is gathering evidence on Ashok Chaturvedi who owns a chain of  overseas companies stretching from Mexico to UK and UAE to South Africa. One of the multi crore transactions originating from Mexico and linked with a powerful politician of UP is presently being probed by Enforcement Department. SIT has also sought a report from Central Board of Direct Taxes on an earlier raids of DG Income Tax which found bogus sale of Rs 100 crore by companies owned by Chaturvedi. Despite Chaturvedi’s closeness to a top official in the PMO, the Modi government seems to be in no mood to shield Chaturvedi who is the close to Samajwadi Party.

Sources said Narendra Modi does not even know Chaturvedi but the erstwhile salesman from Kanpur has managed to connect himself with the PMO through UP connections. Chaturvedi has even tried to get close to BJP President Amit Shah.  In fact Chaturvedi is these days desperate to hush up the SIT probe against him. The probe can end Chaturvedi’s wonderland like business empire. “Actually Justice Arijit Pasayat, a member of the SIT has gone through Chaturvedi’s Noida land scam files. Justice Pasayat will seldom compromise on Chaturvedi’s name who is not only controversial but an economic offender.  So is Narendra Modi who will never entertain such elements ,” said a former bureaucrat of UP who was posted in Noida authority.

Chronology of IT raids reveal that Chaturvedi’s companies were raided and searched at regular intervals during the past decade. In a report of DG (investigation) Income Tax,  it is revealed that there were complaints of cash sale of Rs1000 crore by Uflex Limited, owned by Chaturvedi. The then Director, IT,  Ashok Triptahi said in report that over Rs 1000 crore  came in the company from unknown sources. During the investigation IT officials found over 20 companies, linked with Ashok Chaturvedi,  were bogus.

Hi flying Chaturvedi’s UFlex was witness to several IT raids. In one of the raids the IT authorities sought details of Club One Airways, a brand owned by Chaturvedi’s company AR Airways Pvt Ltd. The IT authorities sought the list of passengers which included top politicians  who frequently charted Chaturvedi’s luxury aircrafts. At the moment Club One air does not carries Chaturvedi’s name on its website. Instead one Bhupesh Joshi is claimed to be its Director and CEO.

For Chaturvedi his dealings with former UP Chief Secretary Neera Yadav in Noida land scam landed him in jail as a convict. “ It’s an open secret that during  Samajwadi Party’ rule earlier, it was Chaturvedi who was deciding all land deals in Noida and Greater Noida. For me Chaturvedi’s jail term is no surprise. Even in a bribery case probed by CBI, Chaturvedi was put behind the bars of Tihar jail. He is a power broker and a big time fixer. Everyone one knows about his clandenstine dealings. He survives in the system because big time journalists, bureaucrats and politicians are his partners ,” said a former IAS officer and Chief Secretary of UP.

Two people, similar to his style of operations were the real game changers for  Ashok Chaturvedi. First person to give break to Chaturvedi in power circles of Delhi  was  Rajiv Shukla, an old Kanpur fellow of  the pan masala salesman. It was quid pro quo arrangement with Shukla as the Kanpur duo spread its tentacles in the Lutyens area. Shukla got  Chaturvedi into bollywood and cricket too. He made Chaturvedi, the convict, one of the Directors of the prestigious UP Cricket Association.  Another power broker Amar Singh was also extended luxuries of the Chaturvedi’s empire. During Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Chief Minister ship in UP, Amar-Ashok became the  gateways to CM’s secretariat. However later Amar Singh had spat with Chaturvedi. Both were subsequently not seeing each other.

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