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Sir, My name is Manoj Joshi, I spoke to you yesterday about how my boss sacked me within five days of hiring. I’ve shared my problem in the letter enclosed with this mail.  Suggest me how can I be paid my dues.

Though, I am going to police for help, I seek your advise, to resolve this matter ASAP. Also suggest if there is anything I can do more about it, so that people like Sitesh Kashyap, sitting everywhere in the media can be deterred.

Pls find inside.

Thank You

Manoj Joshi


Sir, my name is Manoj Joshi. Five days ago, I started working for a news portal called Newslok, in Noida. The man who hired me, is Sitesh Kashyap. The office of Newslok is based in Noida, Sector 7, D-16. I have a friend who told me about Newslok, his name is Aditya. He and I went there together for the interview 10-12 days ago and both of us got selected. Since Aditya is more experienced than I am, he was offered with a monthly salary of Rs. 51,000. On the other hand, I was hired for a monthly salary of Rs. 18,000. As my friend had not resigned from his previous company and he needed some time to put down his papers, Sitesh Kashyap allowed him to join after being relieved. While for me, he said that I join by 29 December. Now what is important to understand here is that the day we went to him for the interview, there was a girl, we saw working in a cubical.

Interestingly, from the day of my joining to till the day I worked last I never saw her again in Newslok. I suppose she was also fired just like I am today. Here I would like to draw that Sitesh Kashyap choose to fire me on a day when another candidate joined him. As far as reason for firing is concerned, he said that he doesn’t see the “Desire” in me for work.  Here I want to clarify that what he calls “Desire” is nothing but a vague accusation used against me for going on a break. Now as far as I know, all the companies where I have worked by far, give their employees some time in between the work hours to loosen up or to get fresh. Which is also because no man can work for 10 hours continuously.

However, I replied to him if you don’t want me, just pay me my dues and I will leave. He said, he will pay me wages for three and a half days. This was something, I did not agreed upon; because I worked for him for five days, for which he should have paid Rs. 3000, but he offered me Rs. 2100. It wasn’t acceptable to me so to be at par I asked him Rs. 2500. He refused that too and so we argued. He threw me out of the office and try to manhandle me in public with the help of the security guard and his peon or assistant. Fortunately, I was saved by some people in the public.

At last, I went to the close by police chowki but as the cops were away for another case, I was told to come again in the next morning. One more fact, I would like to bring to your attention is after all this happened, I spoke to a friend of mine. His name is Anish. Presently, Anish is working with UNI, but a year ago, he faced the same problem with this man. At that time, he was working with Newslok in its Ashok Nagar office. And he faced the same trouble with this man in getting his pay. I suspect, the man is doing it from a long time that he hires a candidate for a week and then sack them without paying their dues. In the end, I am sharing contact details of those I have used in this letter, including myself. You may use them to get the get confirmation, if like.

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