The problem is that if the ISP restricts or obstructs my access to sites which dont pay the ISP

Sushant Sareen : Can someone explain this whole ‎netneutrality‬ issue to me? from the cacophony on TV and web all I have been able to figure out is this: I currently pay a certain sum to use an X amount of data. Now I could browse news sites, porn sites, religious sites or whatever else but for ever site I access i expend some of the data I have bought. if however, say a newspaper or a TV channel pays my ISP a sum of money, then I could browse their site, download or whatever else without paying anything. Up to this point I dont see a problem. If all the big shots pay the ISP money so I can browse their sites for free, I would imagine thats good for me.

The problem is that if the ISP restricts or obstructs my access to sites which dont pay the ISP. If thats forbidden and is strictly regulated with heavy penalties on the ISP for now allowing or blocking or providing slow access to guys who dont enter into deals with them, then the whole furor is unnecessary. As I see it, I can access some sites for free and for others I will have to pay… net I am better off. Of course, the ISP could give higher visibility to the guys who pay them. But thats marketing and even google does that.

In any case, most of the small guys who became big — say flipkart – were unknown, virtual minnows. when they started and because they had a good idea or were lucky or marketed themselves well, they made it big. That same thing will happen now, provided there is no restriction on access to non-paying sites. So what am I missing? Can someone educate me? Or is it that because we instinctively distrust big corporations we think they must be doing something wrong?? Could the entire campaign be launched by media houses because they fear their costs go up?? Frankly I dont know and really wish to be educated on this.


gen VK Singh has a knack for being abrasive. But what’s with the media for reacting so petulantly just because he takes a dig at them, which was both funny and naughty as well as factual. His visit to Pakistan HC was ‘more exciting’ for media than his stellar role in the rescue efforts of Indians in Yemen. Even if he hadn’t said that ‘for the media…..’ And had just said that his Pakistan HC visit was more exciting, one should have just laughed away his dig. As for presstitudes, the media knows the skeletons in its cupboard, how deals are made, how bribes are taken, how info is sold, how people are blackmailed and browbeaten, how favours are taken, how stories are killed and some of the people involved in this were on some channel today. We have radia case, cash for vote scam etc. and yet if the media is so prickly at someone calling them presstitudes then surely they are adopting a holier than thou attitude. Also remember a post by Mohan Guruswamy about his visit to the farm house of a journo at the time of the scandal hat recently broke of leaks from economic ministries. So times now not only clearly got the drift wrong, but also the wrong panel today.

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