‘न्यूज नेशन’ उगाही कथा (2) : This channel, its reporters and stingers are extorting money

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News Broadcasting Standard Authority

Sub:- Complaint against News Nation channel, 8TH Floor, Plot no 14,Sectror 126, Noida-201301, its Owners, Editors and reporters for manipulating and telecasting false and fabricated “sting operation” on 7th May 2015 with the sole intention to malign the Medical profession in a planned manner to increase their TRP and to instigate and mislead the masses and make them hostile towards the medical fraternity.


We are filling this complaint against this news channel and others for deliberately indulging in telecasting false and fabricated programme against doctors and diagnostics centers. Please take note that on 7th May at 8 pm this channel telecasted this program called “JONK 2” with the malafide intention to increase its TRP by airing false sting operation maligning the image of doctors and the medical fraternity as a whole. It is stated that this channel has done this act having failed to extort money from the doctors.

A perusal of the programme shall show that the telecast only indulged in mudslinging & distortion of facts so that the doctors and diagnostic centers shown in the sting operation are put to harm and injury to their reputation, loss of business etc. The anchor of the programme was snubbing, cutting short replies of the doctors invited as panellist. He was shouting and repeating same lines, an approach which is becoming unique to Indian electronic media. A careful analysis of even the alleged sting operation shall show that the doctor and diagnostic centers had done no wrong but the anchor gave a new story line which was his version alone.

We now have conclusive proof in the form of documentary evidence that this channel, its reporters and agents are extorting money from doctors and diagnostic centers. An FIR has already been registered in December itself much before this telecast. A copy of the FIR which is self explanatory is attached herewith. Not only do they extort money but they also give a cover to their channel by potraying the name of other famous and reputed channel “INDIA TV” managed by Sh.Rajat Sharma, the noted and respected Senior journalist.

The anchor had the adocity to compare 2,50,000 plus medical professionals with God and then verbally maligned their image by calling them names only with a view to increase their TRP that also when they failed to extort money from the doctors allegedly shown in the sting operation.

It may be pertinent here to mention that “Health Sector” is the largest service industry in country and a need for every India. With advancement of medical science, the service has taken a shape of industry and provides employment to nearly millions of people.

This channel on the pretext of showing concern for public had merely instigated people by showing false and fabricated video clippings, levelled absolutely false allegations against the doctors and diagnostic centers and added fuel to already increased incidence of violence at health places.

This Channel needs to be booked for deliberately inciting violence by airing false, fabricated and tailor made sting operation that too when it failed in its real intent i.e. to extort money from doctors and diagnostic centres.

Flood of channels have come up in recent years and are vying for TRP for increasing their revenue but have dearth of facts and efforts at ground level. It seems that they are relying and colluded with small time operators/agents who claim to be “stingers”. According to information received by us these persons in active collusion, support and connivance of the news channel make some video’s of business men, thereafter edit and distort the video to show as if the business men are indulging in illegal activities. Once they prepare such false videos they approach the business for extorting money under the fear of telecasting the false videos on their news channel. These persons indulge in hard negotiations for extorting money and in case of refusal of payment, these persons telecast the false videos of their channel. This was a well known fact during the sting against the DELHI POLICE and in public domain now.

During the telecast one can clearly actually see guerrilla war tactic of shoot and scoot by the channel and its editor. They level an allegation but don’t allow the panellist to answer. This modus operandi is highly deplorable and a channel and its anchor must allow the invited panellist to give their independent opinion on the subject concerned. A panellist has every right to even differ and defend such unsubstantiated allegations. The genuine industry persons need to sit back and find a solution to this.

This particular telecast was scheduled for 6th May i.e. Wednesday and a message to this effect was sent to DMA president inviting him to the studio for panel discussion. However due to “Salman Khan” judgement this programme was immediately cancelled for Wednesday and its telecasting date was changed to next day i.e. 7th May for not being able to cover Salman’s story which again would have effected the TRP significantly.

Not only this we are submitting documentary evidence to show that the anchor Mr Ajay was himself in touch with Dr.Sandeep Sharma on this issue. However the anchor having failed in his dubious attempt to extort money, deliberately and with the malafide intention to malign and defame the doctor did not call or confront him on his show.

In view of facts, submissions made herein above and in light of documentary proof being submitted , DMA demands that :

a. This channel should be suspended with immediate effect.

b. An open inquiry be ordered immediately with public participation and take final decision to ban or close this channel.

Its also stated that the Broadcasting association needs to be proactive in controlling these channels and the Nepal episode has been an eye-opener & needs a lot of introspection.

Neither any person nor a news channel how so ever rich and powerful it may be, be allowed to exploit and to illegal activities under the garb of doing reporting.

Your good office is requested to immediately seize the telecast version and also the un edited recording of cameras.

This channel needs to be made an example. Media should try to increase its rating by positive and innovative approach. There is enough happening in this society.

You need to devise rules for open debates. It should be monitored by neutral persons. Concept of Independent stingers needs to be checked. Reporters need to be trained and should do the home work before attacking any settled practice.

This channel has flouted the basic rules of impartiality and objective reporting as displayed on your site. It has harmed the image of medical profession.

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