न्यूज एक्स वाले बहुत बड़े झुट्ठे हैं, आज तक नहीं किया फुल एंड फाइनल पेमेंट

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Subject : Request For Justice

Dear Yashwant ji,

Editor, Bhadas4Media.com

Myself Neeraj Tiwari, i was associated with INX News Pvt. Ltd. B 4 Sec 3 Noida, UP, 201301 from 7th July 2009 till 18 Oct 2012 when HR head Miss. Shikha Rastogi told me to put my papers without any reason and promised me in front of Mr. Nandan Sigh Manager HR that News X will pay my one month full salary plus 18 days Oct 12 salary plus my 24 PL amount by next month.

Its been more than one and half years that after continuous reminders, News X not paid my f n f amount. I am in media industry from past 12 years and had associated with news channels like Star News, News 24, Voice of India and currently associated with Bloomberg Tv India as a Sr. Manager Tech Ops.

I have sent them legal notice also and speak to Respected Mam Rita Bhadoriya, Labor commesnor Noida despite the fact that my case is not covered under Labour commition.

Yashwant ji, please help me in this regard as i want my f n f amount with 24% interest and a sum of 500000 rupee for mental harassment for so long. If you want to talk to me my no is 9899976600. I have all the proof against this organization and i want MIB should take strong action against these kinds of News channels. There are so many other X News X employee who are still waiting for their f n f from this organization.

Please also find attached my medical report and Inx H R Manager Mr. Nandan Singh revert mail against my f n f case and strong action should be taken against Miss Shikha Rastogi H R Head Inx news, Miss Rupal  Assis. Manager Inx news, Mr. Mohit Gupta Manager Finance Inx News, Mr. Anil Mittal Tech Head Inx news.

Neeraj Tiwari


Request by Me:

Dear Shikha,

Its almost more than a year that Inx management told me to leave the organization on 18th October 2012 with promise that management will pay me my one month salary+ 18 days salary+ 22 days leave balance payment. This conversation took place in your cabin along with Mr. Nandan Singh Assistant Manager HR that time. 

My life had took me so many bad phases personally and i had been requesting you again and again but still nothing happened.

I am requesting again that it would be a great help for me if Inx management will give me my full and final payment. I have did my job with full honesty for 3 and half years. You also had CC all the concern mails regarding my work.

Last time i had called you, you said its not in HR hand now please speak to finance. I called Mr. Mohit Gupta and he said finance has submitted everything to HR. I am a common man and just want to request in front of you.

Awaiting your response.

Neeraj Tiwari


Request from my wife when i was undergoing mental treatment from Max:

Hi Miss Shikha,

This is XXXX Tiwari wife of Neeraj Tiwari who was associated with INX News till 18th Oct. 2012 as Sr. Manager Technical Operations and was reporting to Mr. Anil Mittal.

I am writing this mail cause from past few days my husband is not conscious about things around him and he is undergoing treatment from Max Parpargunj by Dr.  R K Srivasatava.

I request if News X could help him as he is financially need help. I am writing this mail cause he is not in position to write mail. Its been 17 months my husband is waiting for his f n f amount.

Attaching here with doctor prescription from Max Parpargunj.

Yours Faithfully

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Comments on “न्यूज एक्स वाले बहुत बड़े झुट्ठे हैं, आज तक नहीं किया फुल एंड फाइनल पेमेंट

  • this is not the first case, newsx is full of politics, I KNOW NEERAJ VERY WELL, he was asked to resign because Anil mittal wanted it, he was not loyal to anil mittal but loyal to company, many technical failures which were done by anil and co were put on neeraj and was asked to resign

  • Hi,I am quite agreed with the point Neeraj and Raj has mentioned..management of the group gas covered themselves with a dirty linen..Neeraj case is not the only one ,there are hundred of employee who are going thru to same trauma..employees hard earned money also not get delivered to them at the right time..people can’t fight as well and actually don’t know whom to contact??

  • I have worked with neeraj bhai and i support him evry one.is right tht jst becouse of anil mittal he left the chennal nt even he anas ali also left becouse of mittal he dosent even know the abc of technicol bt compny made him VP technicol the most telented people leave the chennal becouse of him. I have also worked with the same chennal i wont say a world about FNF bcouse they cald.me up at their own and made me Fnf might b becouse of Nandan Singh he is the only gentel person in HR bt yes please made the payment of teewari ji he is suffring frm last 2 years thts nt a joke..

  • yes i appreciate neeraj step, he worked very hard for news x, anil mittal is a stupid person without any knowledge, full of politics. well he will one day punish by God for sure. shikha rastogi is a woman, dont believe, neeraj wife requested her but still that lady consider her as a human being, really shame on her what exampels she will set for her childrens. mohit gupta if i would have neeraj place well leave it. mohit gupta chullu bher pani bhi nahi milayga tujhe toh jis tarah se tune kaye logon ko pareshan kiya hai….sirf nandan singh ish pure company maon ek honest aadami hai. rupal satleja kay baree main sab ko pata hai teri knowledge kya hai….


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