Scam through advertisement on Facebook

Hello Sir,

I have lodge complain against ( online fake shopping portal viz order number FMZ 14492. I have ordered by seeing Facebook adds popup for some shirts but haven’t received the product as ordered, they have send something else, totally different.

I have given the link below about fraudulent lodged against this site for your kind review. (

They have cheated a lot of customers.

Please take action against the involved people behind farmzi online shopping portal. They have asking about full bank details and registered number while making request for return and then trying to scam with bank account.

They have blocked my number so that a customer couldn’t connect with them. I am giving you some of their phone numbers thorough which they have called me.

+91 9898265867; +91 9123018076; +91 6297698322; +91 6205121947

I have all the required proof for your review , like my order details, call logs , etc.

S M Israr

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