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There’s no connection between organizations under investigations and political donations to BJP

“There’s no connection between organizations under investigations and political donations to BJP,” says Devendra Fadnavis at ABP News ‘Shikhar Sammelan’

Mumbai, May 14, 2024:  Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, Devendra Fadnavis, took center stage at the ABP News ‘Shikhar Sammelan’ today, as the nation eagerly awaits the outcome of the General Elections 2024. Addressing a myriad of issues, Devendra Fadnavis delivered a resolute response to queries regarding his party and its political landscape.

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In response to inquiries concerning electoral bonds, Fadnavis clarified, “The party with the largest number of MPs and MLAs has received 4000Cr; while 12000Cr went to opposition parties that have lower representation at all levels.”

Fadnavis further asserted, “BJP has not received any black money. Whatever was received was through a legalized process; people have donated to all parties.”

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Speaking on seat distribution, Fadnavis said, “At least the NDA coalition has been able to resolve our seat distribution process, unlike the INDIA coalition.”

“Voters aren’t confused, media and politicians are. Voters know who they want in office,” Fadnavis added, underscoring the electorate’s discernment. He further added, “Marathi, Kunabi, Muslim, as well as Dalit voters are with us. They believe in Modi ji who worships and upholds the Constitution.”

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“In 2014, voters were hopeful for Modi; by 2019, they saw what all he could achieve. This year, we have loyal voters who have seen India transform through the decade,” Fadnavis emphasized, highlighting the steadfast support for the BJP.

With the General Elections currently underway, Devendra Fadnavis articulated the party’s vision for the future, accentuating key initiatives and strategies aimed at fostering development and prosperity across the nation.

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The ‘Shikhar Sammelan’ crystallized ABP News’ unwavering commitment to catalyzing democratic dialogue and fostering an informed electorate poised to shape the nation’s destiny. As the clarion call of democracy resonates throughout the land, ABP News remains steadfast in its mission to illuminate the path forward, emboldening citizens with the power of knowledge and civic engagement. 

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