पागलपन की इस अवस्था के लिए कारगर है Agaricus M

There are a lot of the symptoms in materia medica of Homoeopathy for each and every medicine. In between them there are living some rare Peculiar symptoms by which a wonderful prescribing maybe done and a natural cure maybe find as well.

Once a patient had been taken to my clinic suffering from mental disorders like Madness. He had been already treated at a mental hospital for several days without any positive result.

When I asked the patient what happen? he at once upped his hand over his head and moved it fast in a circle and said all universe is moving. And this is enough for me to choose the appropriate remedy. That was Agaricus M . I gave 3 drops of Agaricus M 2oo at his tongue and told his father to come next day again.

When they both came next day they were praying the power of Homoeopathy. That patient who never slept for last several days took a comfortable sleep whole night.

I always say that every remedy of Homoeopathy has a symptom which drive whole the remedy. And here It was hyper imaging. If he said that his head is moving, roof is moving or seems like he is going up and down I never used this remedy. To the Agaricus patient a spoonful of water seems like a pond , a narrow trench looks like a river , a small hurdle looks like a mountain etc. Only a Agaricus patient may calls about the moving of universe.

Dr M D Singh
Managing director
M D Homoeo Lab Pvt Ltd
Maharajganj, Ghazipur
U.P., India

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