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Dear Yashwantji

Someone pointed out to me about this review and I read. After reading I was shocked. While I have nothing to say about Shri Arvind Mohan or his credibility I strongly object to insinuations and innuendos in his article against my book and my credibility. Not that his review would undermine these, but I wish to set the record straight.

This book “Narendra Modi: The GameChanger” was written after two years of careful research. I had employed a team of senior researchers with my own money and was keen to find out facts for myself. This is because I was not ready to believe like impressionable media enthusiasts who get swayed away by propaganda and refuse to see facts.

I did not wish to fall into the category of those who were ready to swear that they found Modi communal and promised to leave the countryiof he became the PM but stills stayed to become his acolyte.

The purpose was to discover can Modi be as wrong as he was being painted? The need was to allow people to judge for themselves what a man he is. This book was not written for a critic who wrote review after reading the flaps. This was to invite readers to know the leader in great details and make their own assessment.

I am yet to discover anyone who has been able to successfully challenge the facts mentioned in the book. I am yet to discover anyone who has been able to argue without getting provoked and prove that Modi had sinned. Most are there for insinuations.

Arvind Mohan’s fact that this book was released more than once is wrong and goes by the bazaar gossip of those journos who thought they could write as well but could not do so. This book was never released although discussions had taken place about the content once at the World Book Fair in which Nilanjan had also participated. The discussion was moderated by Shri MD Nalapat.

The need for a revised edition was felt and I got one quickly so that the book could be made more relevant and topical. This had a new cover and it was released officially. Your web portal has already published my rejoinder on this and I wish the author of the article had read that before writing.

For the critic, authors writing book on Modi without interviewing either Modi or his relatives is condoned but a book that takes leafs from such interviews is to be condemned. You know the fact only if the person is ready to tell you. One of the authors whose book he has analysed in detail had met Modi for only 20 minutes and most of this time was used by his wife to sing paeans to Modi in that private meeting.

If I wish to dissect and criticize the motive of the reviewer I can do so. It is  easy. There are more than a dozen people ready to open up about him. I can quote their versions. But that is no the issue. I want to focus on the review. But Modi’s biographers have done exactly that- most of them, who have written an opinionated biography of Modi.

To add to all these, I must tell your readers that our team travelled widely in Gujarat on our own money to see whether development had indeed taken place. The team comprising senior journalist and a lawyer had said in advance that they would write what they saw. We had taken the risk. But it was worth the pain.

I am indeed indebted to common readers who have praised the book to the skies and increased my confidence on honest work and truth. One reader even compared this book to Freedom at Midnight. This book has not surged ahead due to media publicity, since my journalist friends are still nursing their wounds that each sale of the book may have inflicted on them. This book surged ahead with mouth publicity.

Hope you will publish this as well. 

Sudesh Kumar Verma

Handphone= +91-98734-15077


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