Double Standards of Arnab Goswami!

Subject : double standards of arnab goswami… see WEBLINK

Dear Editor ,

Please check this link

It Shows the double standards of arnab goswami who is a self styled media crusader but when time comes he changes his role and licks the feet of celebrities.

He is seen personally receiving amitabh bacchan and getting floored by his charm. and on NEWSHOUR he claims he is neither this side not that side and is a neutral journalist.

on some occassions he has challenged Amitabh Bacchan to appear on NEWSHOUR and on past asked on his show – why is Mr. Bacchan silent tonite ?

How much is the PR agency of movie SHAMITABH pay TIMES NOW to do this act by none other than EDITOR IN CHIEF ARNAB GOSWAMI himself.

from :

a bhadas 4 media lover

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