DUJ Election Results 2018

The Delhi Union of Journalists held an election to its Executive Body and to its National Council on Sept 1, 2018. In the election results declared on Sept.2, 2018 the following were declared elected: S.K.Pande as President, Pius Kumar Bajpai as Vice President, Sujata Madhok as General Secretary, Aroop Sen, Iftikhar Gilani and Jigeesh A.M. as Secretaries and Mrinal Ballari as Treasurer.

Eighteen members were declared elected to the Executive Committee including Cecil Victor, Rajendra Kumar, Venkatesh Ramakrishnan, Arvind Shesh, Bhagwati Prasad Dobhal,Kamaljeet Singh,Shivesh Garg, K. Radhakrishanan, Ravindra Tripathi, Swathi Chandrasekhara, Vishnu Nagar, M.Wadood Sajid, Sheikh Manzoor Ahmed,Shaukatullah Khan, Siraj Naqvi, Javed Akhtar, Mohd. Ahmed Kazmi and Suresh Nautiyal.

Twelve members were elected to the National Council including Bhagwati Prasad Dhobal, Bharat Sharma, Jigeesh A.M, Kamaljeet Singh, Masoom Moradabadi, Rakesh Tiwari, Ram Naresh Sinha, Ravindra Tripathi, Sahiram, S.K.Pande, Sujata Madhok and Vishnu Nagar.

We thank all our members for voting despite the bad weather. We also thank the many candidates who made this a lively contest. We hope the camaraderie displayed in the current elections continues in the coming year.

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