Mumbai Press Club strongly condemns the banning of News Channels in Telengana

The Mumbai Press Club strongly condemns the banning of TV9 and ABN Andhra Jyoti channels in the newly created state of Telengana. The Mumbai Press Club also denounces the state Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for threatening to bury alive tv channels that dare to insult Telengana.

Both the channels have been banned by Multiple System Operators (MSO) for their alleged anti-Telengana stance within few weeks of state came into existence. This ban is in existence for around three months. The Chief Minister also threatened both the channels of privilege motion in the state assembly.

The ban is ultra vires to the Constitution of India and against the freedom of expression and speech guaranteed in the Constitution under article 19 (1) (a). The ban is also against the right to know of viewers of the tv channels.

The Press Club Mumbai will be approaching the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to suspend the licenses of all MSOs who have illegally disconnected the signals of the news channels. The Club will, on behalf of the Telengana journalists will also be writing to the Press Council of India (PCI) to press action against the Telengana state government for its failure to uphold the broadcast rights of these news organisations.

Meanwhile, we appeal to the central government to intervene and ensure that the rights of media organisations is protected. We also appeal to the President of India and the Governor of the state to prosecute Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for threatening to resort to violence. If no action will be taken, we will be compelled to broaden the movement against Telengana CM and his party.

Mumbai Press Club


इन्हे भी पढ़ेंः

तेलंगाना के सीएम ने दी मीडिया को ज़मीन में दफन करने की धमकी


अधिकरण के आदेश के बाद भी टीवी9 और एबीएन चैनलों का ब्लैक आउट जारी, पत्रकारों ने दिल्ली में किया प्रदर्शन


दो चैनलों का प्रसारण रोकने के मामले में ट्राई ने तेलंगाना के एमएसओ को जारी किया नोटिस


तेलंगाना सरकार के दवाब में टीवी9 और एबीएन न्यूज़ चैनलों पर 25 दिनों से बैन, सड़कों पर विरोध-प्रदर्शन

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