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From: Neeraj Tiwari [neeraj.tiwari@bloombergtvindia.com]

Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2014 1:14 PM

To: ‘prakash.j@sansad.nic.in’

Cc: ‘kmohan74@gmail.com’; ‘neeraj.tiwari7@gmail.com’; ‘mib.inb@nic.in’;  ‘secy.inb@nic.in’; ‘asmib.inb@nic.in’; ‘bharathi.sihag@nic.in’;  ‘sanurag@ias.nic.in’

Subject:    RE: Humanity and Humble Request

Importance:    High

Respected Sir,


This is to bring into your kind notice that I was a regular employee with Inx News Pvt.  Ltd. B-4, Sec-3 Noida, Up, 201301 from 7th July 2009 till 18th October 2012. I have  appointment letter and relieving letter with me. My employee ID INXN-652.

On 18th October, our HR Head Miss. Shikha Rastogi called me in her cabin, Manager  HR Mr. Nandan Sigh was also available in her cabin. She told me to put my resignation  and confirmed me that News X will pay me one month full salary including 18days  October 2012 month salary and my 24 PL amount.

Sir after regular follow up and mails, till now INX News has not cleared my full and final  amount. I can easily proved this thing if I request Vodafone for audio clippings, my  conversation with Miss Shikha Rastogi( HR Head), Mr. Mohit Gupta( Manager Finance),
Mr. Nandan Singh( Manager HR).

I requested Mr. Mohit Gupta regarding my amount he told me that HR has not  submitted my full and final details to finance but I have received mail from INX HR  department that my complete information has been sent to INX finance department, I  have that mail also. I have gone through with worst mental state due to the same as I  was unemployed for several months and I regularly requested INX HR and Finance  department about my full and final payment. During unemployment period my mother  was in hospital, my grandmother died and I was in bad need of money but on human grounds also Mr. Mohit Gupta, Miss Shikha Rastogi did not response. My grandmother  warsik sharad in this month on 25th May and I again requested INX News HR Head  Miss Shikha Rastogi, Manager finance Mr. Mohit Gupta on human grounds that please  clear my full and final amount as I need to help my father so that my grandmother  warsik sharad could done but still they all showed inhumanity.

Sir I am not the only one who’s suffering, this organization has given mantel harassment to so many x employees. Such organization Telecast License should be stop on  immediate basis so that they will not play with employees emotions. Mr. Anand
Srivastava and Mr. Neeraj Tewari has also gone with this mental harassment. Sir I have also send them legal notice also and I am demanding my full and final  settlement along with the 24 % interest per annum from the date of his resignation i.e.  18.10.2012 and Rs 5,00,000/- ( Five lakhs only) compensation towards mental agony and financial crises caused by your organization on immediate basis, failing which any civil or criminal proceedings will be initiated against them and they shall be responsible for  the same. 

Sir,  I humbly request you to look in to this on urgent basis. I have all the proof with me  against this organization.

Warm Regards

Neeraj Tiwari

Sr. Manager Broadcast

Bloomberg TV India  


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