The Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ) blasted the centre’s admission through a letter to National Alliance of Journalists, that it has no plans to appoint a new Wage Board for Journalists which is indeed overdue.

On the eve of the coming session of Parliament, while taking note of the fact that a Wage Board is overdue for several years, the meeting noted that despite struggles inside and outside the court and several judgements favouring workers, many establishments are yet to get their Majithia Wage Board fully. Not only this victimisation of journalists and press workers continues unabated even in the capital city of India though more widespread countrywide.


The Executive Committee and the National Council of the DUJ on Saturday 8 December, 2018 demanded that the centre immediately constitute a new wage board, rather than attempt to subscribe the Working Journalists Act in the code of Wage Bill, in a diabolical game plan..

The meeting on Saturday further demanded an expansion of Working Journalists Act to make journalists from electronic and digital media also a within the purview of the Working Journalists Act.

The meeting unanimously reiterates its demand for an Autonomous Media Commission of experts to look into and suggest solutions into the working conditions of the entire industry and to take steps for safeguarding the press against increasing attacks on journalists. This could broadly be in the lines of the First and Second Press Commissions, but take into account the present media reality and divergent stake holders.

The meeting pressed for an early constitution, after consultation with all stake holders, of a wide spectrum Media Council to replace the toothless Press Council. Steps should also be taken the union said to prevent it from becoming just a dictatorial body acting at the behest of the government to browbeat journalists.

A risk insurance cover for journalists and safeguards against increasing attacks were also demanded.

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