Doordarshan brings Treat of Meditation for Yoga enthusiasts

New Delhi : With a view to bring awareness among the masses about the power of meditation and its far reaching benefits. Doordarshan has produced a thought provoking programme series that highlights the importance of practicing Meditation which is an integral part of Yoga in our daily routine life. 

‘’विज्ञान से ध्यान  की ओर’’ (from Science to Ancient Science – Meditation) is a ten episodes series showing the benefits of meditation acknowledged by ancient and modern science. Also, its different episodes answer many age old unanswered queries about infinite, life, dreams, mind – management, death etc in an interesting 2D-3D mix animation. The programme series will be scheduled soon for telecast on DD Bharati.

  The programme series explain our journey after the death and how reincarnation takes place and how Mukti is achieved when the soul merges with Brammand. The mystery and importance of Brammand (Universe) is linked to a particular point in our mind leading to formation of energy, emergence of thoughts and how it is executed and valued by us. In this programme it is nicely explained that our mind is like Brammand and is governed by the important features like Sun, different planets and galaxies. In the end, the programme leaves us to decide about the real but mysterious facts of life & death.     

The series co-relates modern science with ancient Indian science in a tell –a-tale style documentary format with bytes of world fame scientists and doctors makes it an informative research based feast to eyes.   

It was a proud moment for India, when United Nations adopted June 21 as the World Yoga Day. Our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the world community to celebrate Indian Yoga at International level. Therefore, taking the inspiration from our Prime Minister, the series is a further attempt to strengthen the message that practice Meditation everyday and it must be imbibed in our daily routine.

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