अनुभव मित्तल की ‘आनलाइन कंपनी’ से सुधीर चौधरी भी हो गए परेशान!

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Sudhir Chaudhary : My personal phone suddenly started ringing non stop last night and since then it has not stopped even for a second. I am getting nonstop calls from hired online goons using prepaid shady numbers, all of them similar in nature.

All messages and callers are pressurising to show news in Ablaze Online Scam’s main accused Anubhav Mittal’s favour. It’s a new age online intimidation executed by paid trolls.

Even if I switch off my phone for some time, the bombardment of text messages and continuous calls start as soon as I start the phone again. I have been receiving intimating calls and messages earlier also in my career while different stories against high and powerful but have never ever faced such consistent nonstop trolling on phone in such a high volume.

Anubhav Mittal masterminded a big online scam and now I know he is actually a mastermind in online terrorism. It’s a new phenomenon for media and also for police and investigating agencies to be prepared for in future.

जी न्यूज के संपादक सुधीर चौधरी की एफबी वॉल से.

इस मामले में सुधीर चौधरी ने यूपी पुलिस से मदद मांगी और यूपी पुलिस ने उन्हें तुरंत वो सारे नंबर देने को कहा है जिससे उन्हें कॉल, मैसेज और ह्वाट्सएप आदि आ रहे हैं… देखिए ट्वीट…

Sudhir Chaudhary ‏@sudhirchaudhary 

Spoke to @Uppolice Giving them all the numbers of online goons propagating for Anubhav Mittal of Ablaze Scam. 1680 Whatsapp, 321SMS, 132 Calls

UP POLICE @Uppolice 

@sudhirchaudhary @sardanarohit Matter taken up with @uppstf. Pls report it at reportfraud@upstf.com Action will b taken against intimidators

Sudhir Chaudhary ‏@sudhirchaudhary 

Thanks @Uppolice for this quick response.

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