Majithia : Wanted Permanent Wage Fixation Machinery

The National Alliance of Journalists Unions at a meeting in Delhi has called for setting up of a permanent wage fixation machinery for periodic revision of wages. It has further called upon the central and state governments to make non-implementation of the current Majithia wage board award a cognizable offence taking in view large scale non-implementation.

The meeting following a national consultation with lawyers, academics, activists and journalists fighting cases for several years has further expressed solidarity with the September 2, 2015 action call by a wide amalgam of trade unions and resolved to join solidarity rallies.

The National Consultation it may be recalled was a united attempt by various bodies like the Press Club of India, Human Rights Law Network, Mumbai Press Club, Delhi Union of Journalists, Indian Women Press Corps.

The NAJ meeting at the DUJ office has expressed solidarity with the national confederation of newspaper and news agencies employees organizations and its attempts to widen unity further. It has further decided to have joint associate ties with the All India Newspaper Employees Federation, with which the DUJ is already associated.

Another resolution condemned increasing attacks on journalists and called for a risk insurance cover for the entire media fraternity. Furthermore, it felt that pension as a third benefit was the need of the hour.

Serious concern was expressed at the plight of journalists in the TV networks also with the demand for the Working Journalists Act to be extended to the entire media. A doubling of unfair labour practices was taken note of.

The meeting fully endorsed the strong condemnation of the national consultation on the I&B ministry show cause notice to three leading channels viz ABP news, NDTV and Aaj Tak for their coverage of the Yakub Memon hanging. It also noted the prompt reaction of the Editors Guild on the issue.

S. K Pande, General Secretary, DUJ, On Behalf of the National Alliance of Journalists Unions from Delhi


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Comments on “Majithia : Wanted Permanent Wage Fixation Machinery

  • Kashinath Matale says:

    Dear Sir,Nation
    It is a good news, as taken by National Alliance of Journalists Unions meeting at DUJ Office New Delhi. It is a necessary for Wage revision in periodic time frame and also for proper implementation
    Particularly in Majithia Wage Board, there are lots of confusion regarding implementation. Some Newspapers implemented with wrong way and as per direction of INS (Indian Newspaper Society-Employers association). Due to the misinterpretation of judgment of Supreme Court dated 7th February, 2014, majority managements implemented the recommendations of Majithia Wage Board with their own way, as taking DA points as 189 for rate of nuteralisation, from 11-11-11.
    They also fitment the fixation from 11-11-11.
    As per the order of Govt Notification dated 11-11-11 cleat it that the fitment/fixation will be from 17-2010.
    In the said order it is clear that the CPI 167 will be for rate of nuetralisation and biannually from July to Dec. and January to June, ue to this we getting the less DA of 22 points (near about Rs 2000 to Rs. 3000).
    Majority Managements stop the annual increment after completing the every year service, due to the reaching at maximum revised Scale. (as they used the clause-(i) No employee shall get more than the maximum of the revised scale.
    Revised scale scales are too lower, due to this salary of the many old employees reduced in every Staff.
    My simple request to the concerned please send the proper information about DA calculation and also regarding annual increment..
    Please inform me on my email also as—


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