In the light of Amitabh Thakur’s claims Lucknow Nirbhaya case should be probed by CBI


1- Sri Akhilesh Yadav, The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow.,

2-  Sri Alok Ranjan, The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,Lucknow.

3-  Sri  A. L. Banerjee, D.G.P. of U.P. Police.,,

Sub. : Demand for a C.B.I. Probe in Mohanlalganj-Lucknow Rape & Murder Case  and punishment to defaulter Police Personnel


This refers to media reports on claims of A.D.G. Ms. Sutapa Sanyal led Uttar Pradesh police teams and Counter claims of Mr. Amitabh Thakur, a Senior IPS officer of Uttar Pradesh regarding  Mohanlalganj rape and murder case in Lucknow.

On one hand A.D.G. Ms. Sutapa Sanyal led Uttar Pradesh Police teams are said to have concluded that the incident was a single-person act and they have arrested the accused Mr. Ram Sewak Yadav. The Police has rejected the reports of rape and concluded that the victim died of excessive bleeding. Even A.D.G. Ms. Sutapa Sanyal is said to have informed the media that the accused tried to rape the victim and on being resisted tore her clothes, injuring her private parts. Ms. Sutapa Sanyal is said to have added that when the injured and bleeding victim asked the accused for water, he told her the location of hand pump on the school campus and left where afterwards the victim bled to death.

On the other hand Mr. Amitabh Thakur, a senior I.P.S. officer of Uttar Pradesh cadre, who is said to have visited the crime scene himself, is said to have contradicted his own department’s claims regarding solving the said Rape & Murder case. Mr. Thakur didn’t find any substance in said single accused theory of Police. Mr. Thakur is said to have concluded that Involvement of more people was not properly probed, Police was not able to recover the murder weapon, Mobile of the deceased remains untraced,Facts leading  to the murder do not interconnect and also that the Sequence of events as told by the police are not backed by evidence. Mr. Thakur is said to have alleged that to him the Police seemed to have buckled under media and other pressure and also that the Police seemed to be in a hurry to show the case solved.

Not only this Mr. Thakur has shared a mail on Yahoo-group also in which he has imposed serious allegations on credibility of police department of Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Thakur has written in his mail that the Mohanlalganj case has established that  People’s faith in police was lacking.

Such serious allegation by a senior I.P.S. officer of the stature of I.G. against the preliminary outcome of A.D.G. Ms. Sutapa Sanyal led enquiry teams of Uttar Pradesh Police should not go unnoticed and unaccounted.

When credibility of an officer of the stature of A.D.G. of Uttar Pradesh Police has been questioned by a Senior IPS officer of same Uttar Pradesh Police then it is for sure that the deceased women shall never get justice from such insensitive, inhumane and sycophant Police personnel. Please punish the defaulter Police Personnel after a proper D.G.P. level probe into the objections as raised by Mr. Thakur.

In order to ensure that the deceased women should get THE JUSTICE from the system, I, as a Social Activist, am raising my just and legitimate demand for a C.B.I. probe in this matter. Please get the matter probed by C.B.I. in the larger interest of  the society so that all culprits be brought to books and future occurrences of such shameful events should be minimized in Uttar Pradesh.

Copy for necessary action to :
1-      President of India Sri Pranav Mukharjee”
2-      Sri Rajnath Singh ( M.P. from Lucknow Constituency ) & Home
Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block,Central
Secretariat.New Delhi – 110001
Thru’ Sri Shri Anil Goswami -HOME SECRETARY
3-      The Governor of Uttar Pradesh Lucknow hgovup[at]gov[dot]in , “hgovup” <>,
“hgovup” <>
4-      A.D.G. – Law & Order , Uttar Pradesh Police


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  • Hat’s off to you Amitabh sir

    @MAJITHIYA. WAGEBOARD HINDUSTAN WALON KA KYA HOGA Lagta hai all Dalals yehi bhar gaye hain Sharad Saxena kehtey hain five thousand employees hain Ye HR head. Lagta hai HT Group ne news censored Kar diya hai AKHBAR MALIK JAIL KAB JAYENGEY


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