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Lucknow, 11 February 2016 : The UP State Accredited correspondent committee has passed a resolution demanding Opening of doors of the UP Press Club, for all accredited and other working journalists. In the meeting of the Correspondent committee held at Press room of Vidhan Bhawan and presided by its President Pranshu Mishra, a resolution to this regard was moved by Senior journalist and member of the executive committee Mr Kazim Raza.

Mr Raza in his proposal said that a lot of journalists have a strong connect with the UP Press Club. Most of the accredited correspondents as well as non accredited ones working both in field or desk often visit the press club either due to professional reasons or else personal ones.

The UP Press Club has a glorious past in the struggle of journalist movement and freedom of speech and expression. Therefore every journalist feels proud to be associated with its legacy. For the past many years journalists have a genuine complaint that despite fulfilling the requisite qualification they have not been granted membership of the press club.

Hence it’s high time that all those accredited and non accredited journalists who are desirous of the membership of the press club and meet the prescribed criteria should be given the membership as per the By laws of the club. Member of the UPSACC’s executive committee Shri Deepak Gidwani and Shri Mudit Mathur agreed to this demand of democratisation  of the club and Journalistic organisations in general.

The proposal to this effect was passed unanimously by all present in the meeting including Vice president of the UPSACC Shri Narendra srivastava, Secretary Neeraj Srivastava, Joint secretary  Ajay srivastava, Members Abhishek Ranjan, Kashi Yadav, Juber Ahmad,, Ashish Srivastava, Faizal Fareed and others. The meeting authorised the UPSACC president Pranshu Mishra to communicate these feelings as expressed in the resolution to the President of the UP Press club to take necessary steps to pacify the resentment among the journalists.

Neeraj Srivsatava

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