Watch an exclusive interview of Sudarshan Shetty- a contemporary Indian artist on DD Bharati this weekend

New Delhi, 17 March 2016: ‘The pieces earth took away’, ‘Between the tea cup and a sinking constellation’, ‘This too shall pass’, ‘The more I die the lighter I get’ are some of the solo shows the great Indian contemporary artist, Sudarshan Shetty has to its credit. DD Bharati channel will air an exclusive interview with the artist on 18 March 2016, Friday at 8:30 pm.

Born in 1961 in Mangalore, Sudarshan Shetty is an alumni of J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Sudarshan Shetty has been creating artworks since 90s and mostly works on sculpture and installations. His work envisions a lyrical world full of playfulness and freedom liberated from political issues. It displays an intriguing combination of the representational and the abstract. He has also received Fellowship at the Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad.

The artist strives to escape from the social framework, and at the same time, tries to collect scattered fragments of daily life. Through the process of editing and applying these (fragments), he superimposes various facets of contemporary society. In fact, though formally trained as a painter, Shetty progressively became interested in sculpture and installation, and began to combine his paintings with found objects that he painted.

His art-world reflects contemporary urban life. By stimulating the memories of people’s childhood and their playful-mind filled with curiosity, he cleverly escapes from the globalism that homogenizes the world and innocently plots to overthrow the value system led by politics and the economy.  Catch him in conversation with Inapuri (the anchor) this Friday on DD Bharati channel at 8:30 pm.

About DD Bharati: DD Bharati channel, said to be the cultural heritage of India, is a niche art and cultural television channel of Doordarshan. Since its modest beginning in 2002, the channel has made its way to the audiences’ heart as a one stop solution to whet their cinematic appetite.

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