Varanasi : This is one of the filthiest and most congested cities in the world

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Jagdish Singh : I frequently c posts of my Benarasi friends praising Benaras. I fail to understand them. I have studied in BHU and lived in Benaras for quite sometime. I hardly found anything praiseworthy in this city. This is one of the filthiest and most congested cities in the world. People have no sense of cleanliness. They keep spitting all the time, majority are quite backward and ignorant, arrogant and full of blind faith, ritualistic, intolerant and they hero worship gunda type people.

They believe in archaic caste system. Girls r frequently harassed and taunted. Most of the nastiest cults and rituals originated from here. Things like Purans, Chalishas, artis originated here. Most of the people here are always at the mercy of tantriks, jyotishis, pundits, pujaris, mahants, homeopathy, vaidyas and others. Lot many still believe in boot, pret, pishach and chudails.lathi and brains r prominent parts of it’s culture. The problem is that people don’t accept their weaknesses and try to glorify the darkness. This is the biggest hurdle to improvement of the city and it’s culture.

रिटायर्ड वरिष्ठ अधिकारी जगदीश सिंह के फेसबुक वॉल से.

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