DUJ Supports Farmers’ Struggle, Calls for Fair Coverage

The Delhi Union of Journalists Executive supported the farmers struggle and commends the intrepid journalists who have been reporting the farmers’ struggle from the borders of Delhi and beyond. They have been braving the risk of infection to bring the news to the people.

While many have reported with objectivity and fairness, the DUJ condemns the attempt by some journalists and TV channels to defame the protestors by raising the bogey of Khalistan, terrorism, Maoism etc. At these protests some TV channels are being boycotted or their reporters confronted. Reporters of these channels are resorting to removing the labels from their mikes, so that they cannot be identified.

We have observed that at every public protest, whatever be the issue, ordinary people are repeatedly questioning the motives of what they label ‘godi media’. This points to the huge and dangerous erosion of public trust in the media. The growing audience for alternative news on social media is an indicator of this fall in the credibility of mainstream media. The scandal over fake TRP numbers exposes the lack of ethics among many media owners and managers today.

The DUJ calls upon all reporters, newspapers, anchors and TV channels to report and comment with professional objectivity on the issues confronting the country. This is vital for the growth and survival of the media itself.

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