मरने का वक्त खिसकातीं ECG युक्त एप्पल घड़ियों में अब आक्सी मीटर भी!

सोचिए, कभी घड़ियां सिर्फ वक्त बताने के लिए थीं लेकिन आज इनका काम मौत का तय समय खिसकाना भी हो गया है. एप्पल की घड़ियों में ईसीजी का फीचर होता है जिससे वे दिल की धड़कन को मानीटर करती रहती हैं और दिल पर संकट देख अपने आका उर्फ मालिक को एलर्ट कर देती हैं. इससे घड़ी स्वामी के प्राण बच जाते हैं.

यमराज को दूर रखने के काम आने वाली एप्पल सिरीज की इन घड़ियों के नए वर्जन में आक्सी मीटर भी जोड़ दिया गया है. कोरोना काल में आक्सी मीटर का बहुत महत्व है. खून में अक्सीजन की मात्रा कम होते ही ये घड़ियां एलर्ट कर देती हैं. इससे आदमी समय रहते कृत्रिम सांस के संरक्षण में जीवन बचाने का प्रयास कर लेता है.

एप्पल की करामाती घड़ियों पर टेक मामलों के युवा विश्लेषक आयुष सिंह की ये रिपोर्ट देखें-

Apple Watch: Fancy Technology for few, Lifesaver For Many

Ayush Singh

Unveiled in September 2014, Apple Watch is regarded as the most personal device the company has ever created. Keeping the company on the path of Steve Jobs’s vision, Tim cook also called the apple watch one of the most revolutionizing techs of the decade and that’s true to many extents.

Last Evening, Apple did its virtual “Time Flies” event that was streamed live on the internet and released the Apple Watch Series 6 which is the latest addition to its product line.

Apple Watch Doesn’t only has features like calling, streaming music, and the generic things that a smartphone already does but it comes equipped with features like built-in ECG that acts as a health monitor for its users.

The latest version also comes with a blood oxygen meter, that is the need of the hour in this ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

Apple Watch Series 6 now lets users measure their blood oxygen saturation with its new health sensor, which uses infrared light and photodiodes. The sensor detects the color of blood under the skin to calculate blood oxygen saturation.

Users will receive an alert if their blood oxygen levels drop below the reference figure between 95 and 100 percent. In the Last Few Years, this watch has saved thousands of lives and a few of them were also featured in Apple’s event.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” is a famous quote by the author Arthur C. Clarke that seems to be true in this case, Here are a few stories on how the apple watch saved the life of its users by detecting their unusual heart rate.

(1) Apple Watch saves 79-year-old Texas man’s life. Here’s how: A 79-year-old veterinarian from Waco, Texas has credited the Apple Watch for saving his life after the device’s heart rate monitor notified him of atrial fibrillation. Dr. Ray Emerson received a notification from his Apple Watch saying that it had noticed an irregular heartbeat, CBS Austin reported recently.

The notification of irregular heart rhythm and potential atrial fibrillation is what prompted him to head to his doctor where he had an EKG and then had surgery at St. David’s South Austin Medical Center to correct the irregular rhythm. (Source: Hindustan Times).

(2)Apple Watch Credited for Saving Biker’s Life After It Detected a Fall, Called Emergency Services:

A man from the city of Spokane in Washington State has credited Apple Watch for saving his father’s life after a biking accident. Gabe Burdett was waiting for his father Bob at their pre-designated location for some mountain biking at the Riverside State Park when he received a text alert from his dad’s Apple Watch, saying it had detected a “hard fall”. The Watch also provided his father’s location. (Source: NDTV)

(3)Apple Watch saves the life of a US-based man with its Fall Detection feature: A man from Chandler, Arizona in the US has credited Apple Watch for saving his life by helping him reach emergency services. According to local media outlet KTAR, the Chandler Police Department’s Communications Center recently received a 911 call from a computer-enhanced voice, indicating an Apple Watch user had fallen and was not responding. The message also provided authorities with the exact latitude as well as the longitude of the man’s location. (Source: India TV)

The watch doesn’t only notifies you about the unusual heart rate, but it also helps you track your breathing patterns, can automatically call the emergency services after detecting a fall and now in the latest version, it can measure your blood oxygen level.

Technology in the last few years has been seen as something that is downgrading the society by a lot of activists and tech journalists, but there are a lot of upsides too. It has come to this extent where it is literally saving lives, just a few decades ago when the information age started and apple released Apple 2, steve jobs said that the computers are the bicycle for the mind. This means that they are literally an extension of the human brain, an extension where they can look up for any information, automate their menial tasks, and use their brains to fullest for doing things it is naturally meant to do. In a few decades, biology will transcend technology and a new technological revolution will break out. The next few decades are going to be breathtaking with AI, biotech & nano-tech all coming together to give humanity the technologies it hasn’t even thought of.

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