क्या मीडिया वाले इंद्राणी-पीटर कांड के इस पक्ष ‘shady ownership of News brands in India’ पर भी स्टोरी कर सकेंगे?

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I just want to share some story idea with you on Ownership of News Brands. Below is the background on the same.


The ongoing murder case involving Indrani & Peter Mukerjea has once again brought to discussion on the shady ownership of News brands in India. The duo owned NewsX. In addition a lot of other news brands have ownership by politicians, builders and others without much credibility in journalism.


In addition, on one side FDI in news business is being opposed, while on the other hand there is no restriction of Indian politicians and businesses with an ulterior motive taking ownership in the news space. Pls see if story can be done around the ownership pattern of the news brands. Looking forward to your response.


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