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एडिटर सुशांत मोहन को सीईओ पद पर प्रमोट किया गया, देखें मेल

जी मीडिया ग्रुप के पोर्टल डीएनए इंडिया डॉट कॉम के हिंदी अंग्रेजी दोनों भाषाओं के एडिटर सुशांत मोहन को प्रमोट कर अब सीईओ बना दिया गया है. वे देवदास कृष्णन को रिपोर्ट करेंगं. इस बारे में जारी मेल पढ़ें-

Dear Colleagues

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Diligent Media Corporation Limited, part of Essel group is presently engaged in publishing news on its online web portal –, in English and Hindi language. DNA Digital is spearheaded by Sushant Mohan as the Editor of the website for both the languages.

We are pleased to inform that Sushant Mohan is elevated to the position of CEO for Diligent Media Corporation Limited. The strategy will focus on more inclusive and sustainable growth for DNA Digital Publishing Business.

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Sushant brings 12+ years of experience in Media. In his past stints, Sushant has worked with companies like Opera News (App), Network 18, BBC, Fever 104 FM, and All India Radio. In his previous role, he has played a vital role in forming digital strategies for all his previous organizations and delivered multiple successful projects. Sushant holds a master’s degree in mass communication, and he is an IIMC Alumni.

He will be reporting to Devadas Krishnan.

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We wish Sushant all the best in his new role.

Best wishes,

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