कश्मीर में शांति के हिमायती थे संपादक शुजात बुखारी, कायरों ने ईद पर क़लम के एक सिपाही की जान ली

Om Thanvi : अभी चार ही दिन पहले शुजात से मैंने श्रीनगर में किसी अच्छे पत्रकार के बारे में पूछा था, जो हमारे लिए लिख सके। उनसे सिर्फ़ इसलिए नहीं पूछा कि मेरे परिचित थे, वे ख़ुद ज़हीन और निडर पत्रकार थे और ज़रूर ऐसे किसी शख़्स का नाम दे सकते थे।


शुजात बुख़ारी और उनके रक्षकों को किसने मारा, कोई नहीं जानता। वे पाकिस्तान के ख़िलाफ़ भी लिखते थे और आतंकवादियों के ख़िलाफ़ भी। दोनों में पहचानी हुई पारस्परिकता है। उनमें सिरफिरों की कमी नहीं।

कायर बंदूक़धारियों ने ईद के मौक़े पर क़लम के एक सिपाही की जान ली, ताकि घाटी का माहौल और बिगड़ जाए।

कश्मीर में शांति के हिमायती थे शुजात। इस मामले में सरकार की गतिविधियों को भी वे आलोचक की नज़र से देखते थे। अपने लेख मुझे नियम से भेजते थे। उनका आख़िरी लेख जो मिला वह पत्थरबाज़ी करने वाले युवकों पर प्रधानमंत्री, रक्षामंत्री और गृहमंत्री के अंतरविरोधों पर केंद्रित था – ”From Rhetoric to Reality: Delhi Must Treat Kashmir as Political Problem”।

उनकी बहादुरी और साफ़गोई को अनंतिम सलाम करता हूँ।

वरिष्ठ पत्रकार ओम थानवी की एफबी वॉल से.

कश्मीर के जाने माने पत्रकार शुजात बुखारी की हत्या की मीडिया के कई संगठनों ने तीव्र निंदा और भर्त्सना की है… देखें-पढ़ें….

IJU strongly condemned the assassination of Shujaat Bhukari

New Delhi/Hyderabad : The Indian Journalists Union (IJU) strongly condemned the assassination of senior journalist and Editor of popular daily Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bhukari on Thursday evening. According to reports, he was shot dead by unidentified gunmen, suspected to be militants outside his office while he was about to go out to attend an Iftar dinner. His driver was also killed in the attack.

In a statement issued on Thursday, S N Sinha, President, Amar Devulapalli, Secretary-General and Sabina Inderjit, Vice-President of Indian Journalists Union (IJU) said by killing Shujaat Bhukari the militants sought to silence the voice of sanity and reason in the volatile state where the media and the working journalists were under tremendous stress sandwiched between the militants and the security forces.

“Shujaat Bhukari is a martyr in the cause of freedom of the press and expression. He was a journalist of integrity and stood by the people of Jammu and Kashmir with his fearless and ethical journalism. He paid with his life for truth and acting as the voice of the people of the state. In his death the IJU lost a friend. We extend our condolences to the bereaved family. We assure the journalists fraternity in Jammu and Kashmir that we will stand by them in the hour of their grief,” the Indian Journalists Union statement said.

They called upon the government to immediately initiate a man-hunt to nab his killers and take stringent steps to protect the working journalists and the editors in Jammu and Kashmir.

SN Sinha


New Delhi : The National Union of Journalists (India) joins its state unit Jammu & Kashmir Union of Journalists in strongly condemning the gruesome murder of Senior Journalist and Editor-In-Chief of Rising Kashmir, Shujat Bukhari and his personal security guard by terrorists at Press Enclave in Kashmir.

According to information terrorists opened indiscriminate fire as soon as Bukhari was disembarking from his vehicle at the press enclave this evening around 7:00 pm. The gunmen fled from the spot while Bukhari and his PSO were moved to SMHS hospital where both of them declared brought dead, they said.

In a statement, NUJ(I) President Prajanananda Chaudhuri said that security of journalists in the Jammu & Kashmir is a matter of concern. It is an attempt to stall fearless coverage of anti-national and anti-people activities. NUJ(I) strongly criticise this barbaric act and demand the State governments to nab the culprits at the earliest. We also demand to look into the security of the mediapersons, while covering different events in the state.” said NUJ(I) in the statement.

NUJ(I) Secretary General Sheo Kumar Agarwal also condemned the killing of journalist and termed it as failure of the administration to grant protection to the media persons and demand adequate compensation to the murdered journalist.

We strongly condemn this act of mindless violence & pray for his soul to rest in peace. Our deepest condolences to his family,” Syed Junaid President Jammu & Kashmir Journalists Union said.

Office Secretary
National Union of Journalists (India)
7, Jantar Mantar Road,New Delhi

DUJ Shocked at Assassination of Shujaat Bukhari

The Delhi Union of Journalists expresses deep shock, anger and anguish at the assassination of Shujaat Bukhari, outstanding journalist and editor of The Rising Kashmir.

Bukhari was killed in Shrinagar this evening at point blank range when he stepped out of his office. An evil message has been sent out by this murder on the eve of Eid.

Bukhari’s security personnel were also shot, one lies dead while another is critically injured. These killings spotlight the deep insecurity of life in Kashmir today and the urgent need for a political resolution to the conflict.

The DUJ calls for an immediate investigation into the murder of Bukhari and the forces and motives behind it, so that other journalists are not exposed to similar attacks. DUJ salutes the courage of fellow journalists in Kashmir who continue to pursue the profession in the face of utmost danger. Their voices must not be silenced.

SK Pande
Sujata Madhok
General Secretary

JFA expresses shock at Shujaat Bukhari’s murder

Guwahati: Journalists’ Forum Assam (JFA) expresses shock at the murder of Syed Shujaat Bukhari, a Srinagar based editor-journalist on Thursday evening and demands necessary actions to nab the culprits at the earliest. The Assam based scribe’s forum also lamented that Shujaat becomes the fourth journalist killed in India this year.

It may be noted that the chief editor and proprietor of ‘Rising Kashmir’ Shujaat was shot dead in Srinagar by a group of militants. Starting his career in ‘Kashmir Times’, Shujaat later shifted to ‘The Hindu’ as its Kashmir correspondent. Lately he established the English daily ‘Rising Kashmir’. His two security guards also sustained severe injuries in the incident. A brave and outspoken journalist Shujaat faced attacks in 2000 and 2006 also.

His demise was condoled by J&K chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, Union home minister Rajnath Singh, former State chief minister Omar Abdullah, Editors Guild of India, Press Club of India, Indian Women’s Press Corps, Press Club of Jammu with many other individuals and organizations.

“As everyone in Muslim world was waiting for Eid after the end of holy Ramzan month, Shujaat’s killing is so painful. We urge the authority to leave no stone unturned to punish the perpetrators,” said a statement issued by JFA president Rupam Barua and secretary Nava Thakuria adding that the media fraternity across the country must stand united to raise voices for justice to the brave heart. India earlier witnessed the suspected murder of three scribes. Navin Nischal and Vijay Singh of Bihar were hit by a vehicle in the evening hours of 25 March, where both of them died on their way to the hospital. Next morning, Madhya Pradesh based journalist Sandeep Sharma was deliberately mowed down by a truck. The year 2017 reported the killing of 12 journalists in the country including two casualties in Tripura.

IFWJ Condemns Brutal Killing of J&K Journalist Shujaat Bukhari

New Delhi : Indian Federation of Working Journalist (IFWJ) has strongly condemned the brutal killing of renowned journalist Shujaat Bhukahri who has been the editor of Rising Kashmir and three other newspapers. Mr Bukhari has been associated with the prestigious English daily The Hindu as its correspondent in Srinagar.

Mr Bukhari’s reports were read with rapt attention all over India because of its objectivity and impartiality. He has been the target of the militants because he always took the stand that those who come in the way of peace and normality are against the interest of the people of Kashmir. The unidentified killers have done a huge damage to the people of Kashmir by silencing a sane voice. His brother, Basharat Bukhari is a minister in Mehbooba Mufti’s government and it shows that the law and order situation in the state has totally collapsed as it has not been able to protect the brother of the minister and the senior journalist.

In a statement IFWJ’s vice-president Hemant Tiwari, Secretary General Parmanand Pandey, Secretary Siddharth Kalhans who are presently camping in Mumbai to attend a journalistic programme have condemned the ghastly killing of one of the top ranking journalist of Jammu and Kashmir. The president of J&K Journalist Union Uday Chand and IFWJ’s secretary Rahmatullah Rauniyal have expressed shock over the killing of Shujaat Bukhari.

IFWJ and its J&K affiliate have demanded the government to nab the culprits and bring them to book. The union leaders have also demanded that the family of slain journalist Bukhari be adequately compensated by financial assistance.

IFWJ dips its banner to condole the death of Mr Bukhari.

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