News World India in panic mode; staff salary cut by 10% without advance information

Yashwant Ji, You can be already informed by NewsWorld India staff that Jindal has cut salary of employee without advance information.  Our salary was coming on last day of month and due on Dec 31 for period of 1 to 31 december. but salary got delayed. we got mail that salary of decemebr will come by january 7. but today we shocked to hear that salary of december has been given to us with 10% reduction. on asking it is rumour that salary cut has been direction of Naveen Jindal himself for all staff who get monthly salary of above 25000 rupee.

This illegal action has been done without informing employee in advance and done 6 days after salary was due. if they inform in advance, employees can prepare for expenses of month but they cheat us 200 employee of NewsWorld India. Top management of channel says that all Naveen Jindal companies have faced same salary cut of 10% without advance information due to losses made by JSPL.

In NewsWorld only saving of 20-25 lakh can be made by 10% salary cut. this much naveen jindal spend in each trip of his private jet. even his expense to maintain horses is more than 25 lakh a month. But he never bother how honest and loyal employee will buy ration for home and pay school fee for children in hand to mouth situation. NewsWorld employee are not rich like JSPL employee who get high salary and 10% cut cannot harm their monthly house expense. NewsWorld employee are also media and journalists who can raise objection and not be scared like JSPL employee.

Please expose this illegal act of reduction of salary without advance information as it flout labour laws in India. Naveen Jindal cannot treat media like this. If he has no money left he can shut the channel like he shut Focus Haryana. but cheating media people or any employee like his way is bad and shows double standard.  For cost cutting he can take normal flight or train to save crores. He can sell his horses of crores. He can reduce his lavish expenses for personal likes. how 25 lakh saving by reduction of employee salary help him. They are also firing good employees.

All chanel staff is shocked and angry with this act of JSPL. if they did not have money then why they relaunch NewsWorld India. Naveen Jindal should have closed Focus news like focus haryana and ne. please tell media world through bhadas to get careful with joining naveen jindal channel.

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Comments on “News World India in panic mode; staff salary cut by 10% without advance information

  • ramdhani journalist says:

    भाई लोग जो लोग शैलेश का आने का जश्न माना रहे थे वो अब क्यों चुप हैं।

  • Ab Modi Sahab aa gaye hain to Inn Businessmen ki “Chaandi” to honi hi hai bhai….
    Majithia Mamle me bhi Modi & Co. ki Chuppi to yahi Sabit kerti hai ki Unhen workers se koi Lena-dena nahi. Unhen to sirf “Udyogpatiyon” se Lena-dena hai aur Unki Chaandi kerni hai… Abhi Lagbhag 3.6 Years Baaki hai… Aagey-2 dekhiye kya-2 hota hai…
    Bihar aur Dilli ki Haar se BJP ko Lagta hai Sabak nahi Mila hai….
    Congress jitni bhi Chor, Bhrasht rahey, per Workers ke against aisa koi Kadam nahi Uthati thi…


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