राडिया टेप वाले पत्रकार को चुनाव लड़ाने पर नवीन कुमार ने खुद को पैनल से अलग किया, पढ़िए उनका पत्र

Dear all,

This is with regard to the latest developments in Prashant-Shahid panel to which I have been associated from the very beginning as a candidate for Vice-President post in the Press Club Of India elections 2016.

When it came to notice that the candidate for Joint Secretary post Mr. Ganapathy Subramaniam is tainted and was fired from ET Now way back in 2009 on charges of being involved in Radia tapes scam, I raised this issue officially today. I was expecting a moral revert from the panel but it did not happen. I was shocked to learn that many members see nothing wrong in content of tape. I am sorry but personally I see it as complete violation of basic journalistic ethics.

I have always stood by high democratic values and my heart bleeds when I see just for winning an election you have compromised your morals. At this juncture of time I have to decide where I would like to be seen. With greater democratic values or with people on unofficial payroll of Neera Radia in name of journalism?

I have no choice but to dissociate myself from this panel and fight the elections individually as I do not want to dent my credibility as a journalist professionally neither I feel it moral and ethical to continue in the present scenario.

Pls take this mail on record that I am dissociating myself from Prahsant-Shahid panel as Vice President and contesting individually.

Pls note not to publish my name and picture as a candidate on any of your posters, banners, pamphlets, mailers, campaign material etc violating which may amount to serious defamation on each and every member of the panel.

I rest my case and withdraw from this panel as its member. I will continue to fight as an independent candidate on the post of Vice-President.

Happy election!

Navin Kumar
VP candidate
Membership No. 6359

इसे भी पढ़ें ताकि पता चल सके राडिया टेप वाले पत्रकार के पैनल में कौन कौन प्रत्याशी हैं….

ये है प्रेस क्लब आफ इंडिया के चुनाव का तीसरा पैनल…. एक अक्टूबर को पड़ेंगे वोट

भड़ास की खबरें व्हाट्सअप पर पाएं, क्लिक करें-


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