डीडी न्यूज भोपाल से जुड़े कांट्रैक्चुअल इंप्लाइज को चार महीने से सेलरी नहीं

Complaint of Atrocities on Employees (Salary Not Paid for 4 Months) at DD News Bhopal…  I want to highlight the sheer slackness of officials at Doordarshan Kendra, Bhopal. Grave atrocities are being committed on contractual employees of Regional News Unit of DD News, Bhopal. Due to indifferent attitude of officials the remuneration of contractual employees at Regional News Unit , Doordarshan Bhopal has not been paid since last 4 months.

It is due to negligence of officials and staff at Doordartshan Bhopal, that the remuneration of contractual employees is not given timely since last 3 years, but no one is interested to pay heed to problems. Thanks to carelessness of officials at Doordarshan Bhopal and Delhi, the contractual employees are unable to pay their rents, food expenses, bills, loans, medical expenses and are in vulnerable situation, leaving them in great depression.  Employees are in a situation to commit suicide put of their grave exploitation.

Employees are unable to bear conveyance expense of travelling to office, they are bound to borrow money from others and break their fixed deposits. The situation is so pitiable that they are in a position to leave the job, which has made them penniless completely to support their family. I request you to highlight the issue to top authority to resolve the grievance as soon as possible forever.

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